Monday, June 2, 2014

Sigo sonriendo:)

Some things that happened this week is we had found some amazing
people and during the lessons I had felt the spirit super powerfully.
Now the hard part sometimes is asking the people during the lesson
questions to see if they understand, and when we asked they said they
didnt understand anything haha I left the lessons kindve frustrated in
my mind thinking "Why cant they understand!" But then it hit me, these
people said they felt peace and joy when we shared these things and
they want us to pass by again but they dont understand anything?" I
pondered why and it was clear these people felt the spirit. I have
taught people on my mission who cant read, or have a no level of
education. And I can testify that the lord loves them as well and
wants them to feel the truth of this message. Now Im not saying that
we can baptize them next week for feeling the spirit, obviously these
people at one point need to understand what we share. But what I
learned from this experience is the only way to gain a testimony our
message is through the spirit. Feeling the spirit can come in many
ways, one of the most common is listening and pondering the doctrine
we teach in our minds, other ways could be simply trying to listen and
understand, others can be prayer, others singing. The lord loves each
and every one of his children and God knows the way to touch the
hearts of his children and testify to them of the truth, and when they
feel it in the way they can understand, they will have the chance to
choose if they want to continue learning more. I have heard
testimonies of people that didnt understand anything before they got
baptized but with years of trying to learn they now understand. I have
a lot of faith for people like these, sometimes i lack patience but I
know their are gods children that can go from illiterate to
comprending the doctrine found in the book of mormon. Its all part of
the plan ;) Alma 34:32

I dont have much to say this week but Im just greatful to continue
serving the lord. Its rained almost every day and I love it:) I dont
love it because it gets me wet and its cold, but I love it because its
a trial, and trials make us stronger, We have met some very loving
people this week, they told us very clearly they dont want anything
but we lovingly got to know them and shared part of our message with
them to help them be able to feel the spirit and have the opportunity
to choose, I know without a doubt that when we do our part and not
have the fear to share, even with people that appear to be happy in
their lives and have everything together the message of the
restoration of the gospel will touch their hearts, and they will be
left with the question or doubt if this could be true, if they choose
to investigate it more they will realize there is something in their
lives they dont have, and will feel the joy of the true restored
gospel of christ. I love the lord, and testify of his healing
atonement. Im so greatful for his love for me and for the people here
in chile and all over the world. Hope you have a great week
haha I loved the photo dad your beard is good ;) some things have
changed in these past 2 years hahaha

Love you a ton
Elder Carter

this is a picture of a sea lion... we went to valdivia and there
theres a river where theres tons of sea lions just chillin wherever
they want. kindve scary not gonna lie

and a completo from a fast food place we tried while we were there

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