Saturday, November 30, 2013

Baseball and Chimbombas! (Photos)

Hey Hey! Well this week has been way sweet, we have been sooooo busy but enjoying every moment, My comp is way awesome and we have really been enjoying the mission and working hard. This week we have had to plan some awesome things.

First... CHIMBOMBAS!!!
So what is chimbombas? Im sure your dying to know...we did a activity yesterday for our ward that we have been planning for some good time now called chimbombas! It is an activity in a form of a gameshow that everything to do with it has to do with balloons, the fun of it was NO ONE knew what chimbomba meant and everyone was super curius to what it meant...a hna from Niceragua told us balloons in nicerague are called chimbombas so we thought it would be a good idea for an activity, what we did we put a ton of balloons "chimbombas" on a white board and put different game titles inside the balloons, each game with a sweet title like chimbujando...or me duele la chimbomba (my chimbomba hurts) haha we were having some fun with the game titles and games.... but it went super super well!
We did so much propaganda for the activity, we were scared that no one would come because our ward is super small....BUT people came!!!! and it went perfectly. ha every second were popping balloons and screaming "chimbombas!!!" definately a success. ha it was super fun to see all people participating.

Other thing fun is we are in charge of the young mens in our ward and with the bishop we planned an activity this morning to go out with them to a house of the first counselor's friend in the campo, we did service around the house (his friend wasnt member) as well as went to a field and played BASEBALL!!!! ha it was so awesome I couldnt believe it when the 1st counselor took out a bat and tennis balls it was way sweet, it made my week ha it was way fun, there way of playing is a bit different but still way fun, first time seeing baseball and playing baseball in chile, nice little Gringo Culture for the week:) At the end of the activity with the jovenes we sung a song to his friend and shared something short with him, the spirit was super strong as all the young men were singing with us all together, its a privelage to work with the young men.

Also this week has been such an awesome week of teaching, our sector has been known to be a lot slower, but we have been having a ton of excitement in the work and have found and taught a good amount of people this week, we are stoked to get this place going, like I said we have a program in mind to remind the members of their mission duty, we actually have plans to give a "mission call of duty" to the members with a map of our ward boundaries and make it look like a mission call, we also want to take a picture of them and make like a plaque that we can put on the anouncement board of all the members with mission duties (which is everyone but its a fun way of reminding us all) we are way stoked to get this thing going.

ha something funny that happened was some missionaries in our zone lost their cell phone on the bus and called it and it was a man that said if you want the cell phone come to the Lider (wallmart) tomorrow at 2 with 20 bucks, ha I guess its not to funny but you dont hear that to often, our phones arent to fancy and his price for obtaining the cellphone wasnt to high so we will see what happens with this later... the assistants are going to pass by....We have also had to teach a older man in our ward that is in the sector of the hermanas misioneras because he asked if one would get married to him, he is a recent convert and is 85 more or less, I think he just is a little confused so we will be the ones to pass by to help him focus more on the doctrine and spirit rather then the other feelings... ha interesting but yep!

Oh yeah our mamita is super awesome! Did I not tell you yet that she cooks amazing? one of the best mamitas Ive had I think its a tie with her and the mamita from puerto natales. This mamita is a cook for her living so its super bakan. But for thanksgiving she made us a nicer meal with meat and potato salad and a sweet cake with strawberries ha we got to do our family tradition of saying one thing we are thankful for....ill always remember the thanksgiving we had when we had subaru and all his asian friends come over hahah

But hey what more can I tell you that Im working hard, and loving my life right now, the mission is amazing and all I want to do is declare these things that make our lives have so much purpose and happiness. I can see the mission excitement is happening back home with you guys and it brings me so much happiness to see that. Sharing this message and living it is the best combination to find our testimonies and mantain them. This is the best and only way to find peace in this life and the life after. Love you guys a ton

Elder Carter

Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Cambio! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Family! so this week went super well it was pretty crazy at the beginning...quick question thanksgiving hasnt passed right? I think mom you said that its this next week?
We had cambios this week, It was so nuts with cambios, I had to stay at the bus terminal all day constantly calling other missionaries making sure they got to the right place, ha at some times there was sooooooo much bags in the terminal, my companion is super cool guy he is in my group! His name is Elder Salazar he is a stud, he is from Mendoza, Argentina. Ha by the end of my mission im going to have all sorts of different slangs and sayings from all the different countries. Osorno is in the center of all the mission por location so the transfers were very fun ha. We were there from 8 in the morning til 10:30 at night. The night ended with having the bags ready for the missionaries that ended there missions as they boarded the bus for santiago, my last comp Elder Gomez was in the group. It was super weird to see missionaries "die", more then anything my comp. But yep so the next day had a couple more people that we had to send to the terminal but after 1pm we finally got to go work!!! :) I am so stoked for this cambio, me and my comp have a ton of animo, we are creating some awesome ideas and really getting this sector going, ha I only had 2 weeks to learn the sector which was tough but learned enough and now we are learning the rest together. We are working hard and really trying to get things going, we talked to the stake president and we have the book of mormon program coming along, as well we are planning an activity for our ward named "chimbombas" ha thats slang for globo (ballooon) in niceragua. we are creating a game show activity where the members will have teams and have to break balloons that have certain tasks spiritual, trivial, and physical that they will compete against each other, now its just the time to coordinate it well and invite a ton of people, We were super super super stoked our first day we taught someone at the door the other day that has a child, she is 20 years old and was way receptive, yesterday we passed by again to teach her and she accepted a date for baptism, we were super stoked because we have no investigators at this moment and are really trying to get this sector going. She said she was excited to learn more so ill let you know how it goes.

Other news the last couple days has been super awesome, we have been teaching a lot of people and helping alot of people with small tasks. I noticed this week we have a lot of older people in our sector so we have been having tons of oppurtunities to help stack fire wood, and yesterday Idk what it is with me helping people that are carrying branches, but yesterday helped an older man carry HUGE branches to his house, he was from the country and I have no idea what he was going to do with these branches but we were glad to bring them to his house.

Also we have been trying to sing more hymns with people, ha but something super funny happened, Usually we always always try to sing the song in the house or at least on the porch, We were teaching this one lady as she sat on her porch but from her gate which was pretty far, I asked her if she would like to hear a hymn and she said yes, I thought that would get her to open the gate but no after I asked if she could open the gate she said no no right there is fine, so I looked at my comp and we just laughed then sang some verses of I am a child of God, haha oh man we felt pretty funny doing that in the street it totally appeared like we were the evangelicals that sing at the corners of the streets on weekends. and there wer soooo many trucks that passed by as well so it made it difficult to hear, ha but went well the lesson despite all the great things that happened.

But yep crazy week, ha lots and lots of things that we had to do, loving it though, its beautiful here in osorno every house always house a tons of flowers, usually roses, I think its because the humidity, its getting to be super hot now, but the rain never ceases here in south of chile ha at least 2 times a week it has to rain:) gotta love the rain here or youd be a unhappy camper.

This upcoming Tuesday we are planning on having a meeting with the district leaders, we have an awesome zone and we want to get them excited for the work and set some goals as a zone and talk about what we have planned to get our zone starting this transfer well. To answer your question we usually have to talk with people every day, we are always talking about things, usually just approving something they need to do, giving them information about Visas or other things, animating them, and numbers. But its super important to just animate them and give them ideas and tools to spark a idea of how they can help their sectors and districts. So far havent had to many problems, just a couple districts getting along with other comps, but Im sure theyll be some interesting things.

Have no doubt that this is the lords work, thanks for all your support, its super cool to see your efforts to tell people of the happiness that we have. Hope Thanksgiving goes great, excited to open my gifts ha I love how every one of them has a scripture. Love you guys a ton, take care:)

Elder Carter

Saturday, November 16, 2013

hay estamos!!!! (Photos)

Hows it going?! So quick reminder that im in osorno now so my pday will be on saturdays, when I write and all so you can write me friday or i wont see it til next saturday, but yep so hows it going?!

This week was pretty awesome, lots and lots of things that happened. First of all we headed to that one small pueblo with the stake president and some other missionarys and it went super well, it was crazy because the church isnt there right now and hasnt been for years (20 or 30 years) So we had a plan to visit the list of members that were there, it was super cool because we went with teens that are preparing to go on the mission and had splits with them, it was such a beautiful place and perfect to get these teenagers excited to serve. No one recognized the missionaries there and were super loving it was way cool, ha it was easy to find the names of the people because its such a small town that everyone knows each other. Us personally didnt have the chance to find old members but others did and they were so excited to hear from the missionarys, imagine being a member but not having a place to meet and partake of the sacrament, some had the chance to teach these members and the members cried with happiness of a hope that one day the church can start back up again, the topic will be if they are going to implement a group there (where they can meet and partake of the sacrament with a leader of the nearest ward) step by step this place can get started, oh it was so cool as well, all the jovenes were super stoked that they could do the work, every year jovenes are being even more prepared, its such an amazing time to be a missionary, the joven that left with me to do the work was shyer but we taught a lady in the street about prayer and the restored church and he had the chance to explain the way the spirit answers our questions and quides us, it was super cool to see his excitement after testifying.

We were inspired after that trip to start having "invasions" in sectors that are struggling to find people. An "invasion" is where your district or zone goes to one sector and the missionaries of that sector give you a designated place to work with some lists of less actives and contacts and everyone works super hard in one sector for like 3 hours more or less. It is an amazing way to get the work speedying up in a sector thats dead or slower. We also want to start applying this but as well with the jovenes of the stake that are preparing to leave on the mission to go with us to do these "invasions", this week we did one in one sector for one for one of the missionaries in our district and went super well, could speed up the work.

We also had an intercambio with one of the elders in the office, he doesnt have a companion right now so we went with him to go visit one of his investigators, oh his investigator was sooo amazing, so prepared, we explained the gospel and the spirit was so strong as he told us he is taking this for real now, and really wants to know how he can truly apply repentance in his life, I think the key thing we talked about was how amazing it is to be baptized and be part of this grat covenant or promise with god that his spirit will always be there to help him overcome all the trials in his life, he loved to hear about the gift of the spirit and how its a sanctifier and purifier.

We also had a ton of less actives come to church this last sunday, its so amazing because it was those we passed by, its super cool to see the most powerful tool to get someone to church is a hymn and the book of mormon, each person that we shared with had a very distinct memory of their testimony of the book of mormon and as well as songs they sung when they were young like im a child of god, I think my first roots of a testimony were made in primary singing and learning that I was a son of God, ha as well as the music mom always played of the church in the car when we were young.

Something else super awesome we got to do this week was have mutual with the jovenes, our assignment for the ward is the counselors of young mens. The president couldnt be there but we planned a mutual where we taught how we can check oil and other simple tasks in the cars, we made sandwhiches and milkshakes as well, and we got to end with a sweet video talking about how they can recieve revelation by the spirit even at their age. It was such a cool moment to see all the jovenes tell us they are committed to serve the mission, it was touching because there are only 3 jovenes one that has 12, other 14 and other 17. All super excited, the youngest one said "this is the best mutual ive ever had!" haha it was touching cause it was a simple mutual but I remember many of the simple mutuals ive had have had an impact on my life. So greatful for the church and for all the leaders that have helped me find my own testimony and know what it truly means to be a disciple of christ as well as enjoy this life.

But yep good times, ha really just trying to work hard and get my ward going, theres only 50 that assist here so its a very small ward and we share the ward boundaries with hermans in the other sector so in our sector theres only 2 members, so we are just being super creative and just praying for guidance, I really really want to have success in this sector, there are sooo many menos activos so we will really be working on how we can inspire them all.

Also we had Zone Council, which went super well we emphasized how our zone is doing amazing in references of families and we created a form that they can implement where they can write the plans they have of how that family can be the ones to contact the reference and play a part in the work, as well we focused on how we could be good at verifying and find the best way to do it, we created a system that focuses on different key indicators different days and has worked well, and lastly we have really focussed on the great joy that comes by inviting people to be baptized, we explained that its important to invite to see the interest, as well showing them why we are here, also with putting them with a baptismal date more then anything to tell them more or less it will take 4 weeks to teach you all we need to, and if you do what we invite you, more or less in that time you will recieve your own testimony and be ready to enter the door to a life with more purpose and guidance, baptism is such a key doctrine to understand as a member.

But yep hope all is well, Im super excited about the work, I cant tell you how amazing it is to be a missionary, we have come home wiped every day and the spirit is constantly telling us that this is the work of the lord, love you all so much, one quote I love that president rappleye told us is "If you missed the joy, you missed it all" We gotta enjoy our missions, journeys, lives, this gospel is not just made to recieve that great gift of eternal life, but the peace in this life and a new perspective of living.

Que les vaya bonito
Elder Carter

Puerto Octay

Mutual para los jovenes

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hey! Sobrecambio (New Sector, with new Prep Day (Sat) ) w/ Photos

Hey Family!!!!
So this has been a pretty crazy week, first of all I had a emergency transfer..I think its called that in Ingles (sobrecambio), I got a call from president tuesday that I would be going to Osorno as Zone leader. So I had a one night to get packed and say goodbye to investigators and members, Here in Osorno the Preperation Day is on Saturdays so youll have to right me before Saturday now. But yep lots and lots of things to do for sure. My comp right now is sweet, Elder Gomez, he is from Valparaiso,Chile, he is ending his mission in one week so I have to get the sector down in one week. Lots of new things to learn and fast but excited to learn. ha the mission can be super humbling.

This Friday we had the Consejo de los lideres, was super sweet, loved the way president explained how we can improve and inspire others. I loved the concept of giving others the abilitity to choose and find their own revelation while giving them tools, advice, and a framework to get that revelation started. Also got to see a lot of the missionaries I started with was way cool, as well as Hna Rappleye made us taco soup wayyy good havent had that in forever.
As for our sector its super humbling, its a lot of focus on less actives, really really trying to just get to know as many people and streets as possible before the end of this cambio. Its super weird being in the zone of the office and mission home and all, ha always lived far away from it all, its beautiful here, like puerto montt, super green, more of a german style of houses haha not sure if its true but what the people here say. We havent had too much time to work in our sector but we are trying to take advantage of every moment.
Thursday we had an interview with the stake president here and he is super super sweet, we are stoked to get things going here, he is a younger president and has soooo much excitement for the work, we are going to be implementing a book of mormon reading plan that a marriage couple made thats super super sweet for all the stake, but we just got to implement it well.
Also we have a trip to a place called Puerto Octay this sunday after church with him as well, this city used to be a branch but over time was shut down, he is taking us to go try to find if there are still members there and if they are still receptive to getting the branch back and running, excited to see if we can find some members there, they say its beautiful there so maybe ill take a photo for you guys.

But yep lots of things to do its kinda crazy, my last sector was going great my companion was learning a ton and we were finding some awesome familys and other investigators, it was sweet to work so hard and to start seeing the fruits, but yeah ill just have to keep praying for those investigators ha most I can do now. But yep ill miss that sector it was super sweet, got kinda emotional to leave but thats the mission ha. Just gotta give it me all in this sector now. Our zone just had a baptism this weekend so that was sweet, we are just really really going to have to focus a ton on the work with the members. getting their confidence, excitement, and knowledge of how they can improve with the work will be huge. Excited to really seek for the lords guidance to get our sector and others sectors going.

But yep, well hope all is well I love you guys a ton, our you home now?
Pray for you guys always, love you a ton, So greatful to serve the lord and each and every day im seeing the amazing blessings that God has given us. Even in a world filled with so much confusion and sadness, its so amazing what we are privelaged to do as missionarys.
pero bueno,
Take Care!

Elder Carter

Monday, November 4, 2013

Nothing but Buenas Vibras esta semana haha

Hey Hey!
So this week we have had some awesome things happen, progression in the work, and a couple fun crazy people stories.
Im loving this camio so much, me and my comp are just working super super hard and just want to keep giving more. We have had some awesome ideas and my comp has been awesome. Even with the trial of language we have been able to find so many ways that we can work 50/50 and we are starting to see the fruits of our labors, One of our investigatores came to our activity at the church this wed!!! she came with her sister, this is the one that talks really good english, we were stoked and she got along great with everyone, we asked if she would get baptized and said if I recieve and answer so thats where we are at right now super sweet, Ill put a foto of the idea we did for the activity, we did an activity of the questions of the soul for the book of mormon, we blew up balloons with some having questions, and they had to get in groups and pop the balloons to find the balloons that had the questions and find a scruipture and experience for each, it went super well and was spiritual on top of it.

Other news we had a "special training as a couple zones this week with president, we learned about 2 awesome things. One is a new manual the church came out with for the missionarys, its of how to handle stress, and gives tons of awesome ideas, I was loving the booklet, I think its cool how the church is always giving us resources to become better, its awesome, the manual will be an awesome source of ideas to reduce stress. And the second part was he talked about the attributes of being a Lider A compared to a Lider B, I loved hearing all of the experiences that our president has had in business and that one is he told us of a very famous business man that talked about all the success he had, and all of his success referred to the attributes of a leader as found in DyC 121 at the end, he stated that any business would be so much successful if liders were based on these principles (of priesthood), and said in the church these principles are NECESSARY to have success. Stoked to anaylsis more of how I can develop theses traits.

For some fun stories:

Trash Bag Bernadita: So I actually have no idea what this ladies name is but we were asking all people if we could help them and we asked this old lady that was having trouble with a huge bag. she gave me the bag and it was super super heavy, I realized it was just full of trash, like banana peals and wrappers and who knows what, then she started talking to me and then the reality that hit me was she was crazy homeless lady, I also dont know how i didnt see but in her other hand she just had a hugeee branch of a tree, So on this main road I carried her super heavy bag of trash to another location, but before we got to that location she had to make some pit stop at a trash bin to snag some more trash, ha I know we need to help people but Im not sure how this trash will help her. and thats trash bag bernadita.

weird dude: So there was a weird guy that walked straight up to us putting out his hand asking for money making the sign in his hands for money, being accostomed to this from los muermos I immediately took out a card with a picture of christ, gave it to him, and without him questioning for more or anything immediately took it and ran back to his bench, ha idk had to be there

haha and last but not least yesterday God wanted to test to see how I can withstand 5 min of like 5 akward moments, went to a lady that we taught the day b4 in front of her house and her husband wanted nothing to do with us, as I tried to take away the awkwardness another investigator that lives in front of them saw us and after we were rejected we talked to him and he had to get going so I said ah yeah its all good we have a cita over there, as we were walking in that other direction another investigators that just dropped us was out in front but the akward part was she just had a sports brah on, the first time we passed I didnt notice and thought it would be polite to come back and say hi for a second, but then she was embarrassed that she wasnt wearing much clothes (even more awkward for me probly) and entered the house. then as we were leaving that cul de saw saw the guy that we just told we had an appointment and it was just weird so we kept walking, haha but beyond all the awkward found a awesome family and we were able to teach them so its all about diligence:) ha gotta love it

but yeah well take care, thanks for the photos I love that one with the birds eye view, hope you guys keep enjoying hawaii way sweet!!! glad blakes ok! I was praying a ton for him.

Bueno I know without a doubt this church is true and that God is helping me every day learn and grow. I love this time, and its because its dedicated to our lord and savior jesucristo.

Take care, love you all!!! :)

Elder Carter