Monday, June 30, 2014

Awesome Week

Another awesome week in the work, I think its so cool how when we work hard and pray for miracles as missionaries you see them. This sector has been in a drought for a good time now of investigators that progress. And this week has been incredible. Remember that family I got into the house by talking about the world cup? We have taught them 2 times now, the second time we had an awesome family night with them, teaching them about the 3 pilars of the church of christ (apostles prophets and christ as the base) We did a fun ejemplo with nails, where they had to balance 5 nails over one, They had a friend over and ALL of them participated, they dont have much of a background of religion but they feel something. THey all loved it and we have another planned for tomorrow. As well during the night we made arepas with them, which is a bread that you make out of corn flour. Liketo make tortillas but thicker, it is a food that they make in colombia so my comp taught me how and they loved it. As well we are continuing having some of the best moments of my mission doing family nights with Members Less actives and investigators, The revelation we recieved at the beginning of this cambio is working, We are seeing more unity in the branch and all are coming together, as well members are now calling us telling us to come to there house to have a family night with their friends that arent members, tonight we have one as well.

As well.... In one family night last week we had one member gave us the reference of like 6 people!!! one of which was her brother who is member and his girlfriend, she said she didnt want anythign to do with the church but when we went to visit her brother she was super nice with us, we watched a mormon message with them both and you could tell she felt something special, we gave her a book of mormon and we heard from her boyfriend that she is reading it and she loves it, and wants to start coming to church and family nights, her brother has been inactive for years but is reactivating because of the spirit he remembers from having family nights. So lots of things are falling into place, its incredible.

We are way excited to continue working getting this branch excited. Thats such a cool calling you guys have! You guys are going to do amazing!!! Just another amazing week in the mission. I love this work and I just want to continue serving these people here in chile, I love them, I love them so much. Tomorrow I am going to meet the new President and at the end of the week we have lider council so once again ill meet him, that will be fun. Love you guys so much take care this week.

Elder Carter

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