Monday, January 28, 2013

Lots of changes! hey hey hey

Wow lots of changes in the mission for me this week, Elder Gardner was emergency transferred some other place in the mission to be a district leader (2 weeks before the end of the cambio) he had a day to pack and say goodbye to everyone. I cant lie I got emotional when he left after working really well together for almost 4 months here. But I know thats the mission, changes, changes, changes. So Wed I got a new companion, his name is Elder Davila and he is from Guatemala. He only speaks spanish so that was the first change. I also am know directing our sector and having to teach him all the streets, pobleciones, investigators, miembros, and also our obligations with being counselors, as well as having to plan solo until he knows the sector more. It has been the hardest week of my whole mission. He is a very great elder and has a desire to work (he has been out a year now) but he just has a very strong personalty and everything has to be exactly his way, he also told me he has had problems with temper, already we have had to talk a couple times to work things out. I can communicate with him and all but it is very hard to express yourself and how you feel, and how you feel yor companionship needs to improve, not being able to really communicate very well in that aspect often makes you feel very lonely. I was reading my patriarcal blessing and talked about a lot of thngs about the mission about how the mission president will give me assignments he knows I can handle, also it says how I need to stay strong in times where its hard, it also talks about how I will help my companions become better. I then kinda broke down in tears in our planning last night and just told him im just sad and its hard to communicate, we talked it out for a while, then he asked if I wanted to talk to the Zone leader, because he is gringo so I can talk in English how I feel. He honestly told me so many things that would really help me make this cambio one of the best of my mission. He talked to me about the importance of talking to your companion how you feel and when things arent good handle them with patience and love. He also told me other things that I can do to help a ton. I know that this cambio will be such a great lesson in humility and patience. I will truly be practicing my christlike attributes and find the best in my companion and work together so we can find people to teach. I was reading in my notes in General Conference of october in a talk about the trial of our faith, I think it was Anderson, but he said giving up in    the trial of our faith is like leaving the storm shelter in the middle of a terrible storm. I just want you to know that I love this gospel so much and I love our family to death, I have never had such a desire to pray to our heavenly father for guidance and a desire to endure even in times of hardship. I cant tell you how greatful I am for your love and for your support, right now its hard right now for me Im not going to lie. But I didnt sacrifice 2 years of my life for nothing, Im here to endure through it all and do as Christ would do, and grow from these experiences. Our lives we are slowly growing more and more step by step just now the stretch of growth is a lttle more rapid. But I will continue to do my best to make this companionship the best it can be, and really apply charity and do all I can do to love him. I know we can have a ton of success this cambio and that I can grow immensely in many aspects.
For a story this week, we taught this one guy that had that had that smoking hole in his throat so he talked with his throat it was really strange because I have already seen so much weird stuff it didnt phase me, the one thing that was gross was you could smell and feel his breath on you from the throat whole, it was also very hard to understand him, he was basically a spanish mime almost. Lip reading in spanish is not an easy thing. But I just want you to know I love you and I am so greatful to be here on the mission wouldnt want to be anywhere else. Love you so much and I pray for you everyday. Pray for me for patience and humilty. youll have to show me that mexican shop to get some of tat soup blake ha we eat a lot of casuela here its just soup with a chicken leg or other peace of meat. not sure if thats how you spell it. Also emponadas looks those up, I call them chilean hotpockets, basicalyl thats what it is haha Ha raqeutball sounds great dad, did you guys enjoy it, we would always play me landon and blake up in college WAY FUN, ha hope you get better mom and the food I am used to now, dont ever have hunger at night now its nice. Ha kinda forgot what a meal where we would sit down for dinner was like. hope all is well. Right now we are going to go play soccer with the zone so that will be fun to play with other missionaries, I have really been doing a lot of relax breathing things and doing those workouts for stress.I am trying to find a balance of my stress, There is a lot of things to get stressed about here on the mission, it is a good to care but at the same time there is a point where you gotta relax and know you are doing all you can do. that health contest sounds fun dad better let me know how that goes, really really really love all of you and I will continue to work hard and enjoy every min as well.
Take care this week,
Elder Carter

Monday, January 21, 2013

¡Hola Familia Hermosa! y amigos jaja

Hola!!!! Como Han Estado???!!!!
It has been a great week, HOT, but great! ha wow 100% humidity with 85-90 degrees is NUTS! the UV rays here are a lot stronger and literally no one is walking around here people think we are nuts haha they respect the dedication. I respect Elder Farrow out in Hermosillo Mexico where its always hot ha its nuts, I dont know how people do it here without AC. Another great invention in the states is screen protectors GENIUS! But yeah great week! Great Week! we have been working hard, we have been really making some progress with some of our investigators, one Ingrid, has fecha now for next month, we just have to start teaching her pareja and get him stoked about the gospel (he is a member from a long time ago), he is a hard one to catch though but we will find a way. Also as we were contacting we found a family that needed help moving and asked, they accepted and the mom ended up being a member that was baptized 11 years ago, she is the sister of our mamita and still knows its true just got caught up with family and other things not quite sure yet, she has 2 kids and a husband we will just need to gain the confidence of the husband, we were able to give their new house a blessing and helping them helped the guy like us more, they really liked the blessing, excited to work more with them and get going again. Our problem right now is the rama is bad at following the Dia de Reposo, and the example even from the leaders isnt going so well, regarding buying and all changed into their swimming suits at the capilla right after church and left to the beach. Also we are continuing to stay Completely Obedient, They need obedient loving missionaries here that work hard and we wont give them any less, OBEDIENCE IS KEY, Like it says in DandC 120 something not sure about the actual seccion, but about the law erobocally decreed in heaven (obedience to the Laws and commandments) that must be followed for blessing to come, We have such an important role in the work, we are the messengers of God and the ONLY way the will know about the truth is by it being told to them.

I loved this week though, it was a rough hard working week but it was amazing, the spirit was really with us this week, God is really with us here and comforts us with his spirit, we are promised every week to have his spirit to be with us as we take the sacrament and live worthily, It is such a blessing to have the spirit, really working hard even when its hard and cant find much ha
The language is coming more and more everyday, gets easier to understand the chilean fast talkers more and more, ha some are nuts though

For an update on my feet (haha so much stuff medically its embarrassing) the guy KILLED our warts with Liquid Nitrogen a second time, KILLED haha like way more then last time, he said if they survive this then they are a special type of warts that are harder to be killed, but I had one on the bottom of my feet and it has been hard to walk but we have been walking, ha it takes a lot for you to want to stay in. But hopefully thats the last time, lquid nitrogen kills the feets.

You have had a lot of changes on the house I see, the flowers look beautiful mom and the yard looks great, me imagino que uds han estado trabajando artos. I loved your thought on free information as missionaries we are always looking for that I will definately apply that in tracting and lessons thanks a ton.
For G´s what do you think I should do I am pretty sure I can order them from the santiago temple but not completely sure, Ill check,
haha its cool to know my picture is on your I phone and Im on a calendar and a friends computer screen (landon) haha feel like a famous person.
Landon, The work is great out here ha sorry we all ditched you, how have you been man? Ive been out for 6 months including the MTC 4 months here, its already going way to fast ha its nuts. I forgot its winter there! weve had the opposite here, our house gets so heated up last night it was 92 in our house with the gross humidity ha fun stuff. but yeah working hard thanks for all your advice.Ill write you soon with more, for know you can enjoy my blog stuff haha.
For Elder Farrow, haha we both are rocking it up in the Branches!!! so sweet I know your killing it in Mexico, branches are hard but its always about the attitude your so right, ha stoked to give each other pump up letters every now and then, we are all serving the lord all over the world, lets be like the Alma and the sons of mosiah, and maybe a little teancum action;) ha thanks Dalan for the workouts! I am way excited to try them out, hopefully I can get some abs like captain Moroni, its hard with all the oily foods here haha
But de verdad Les Amo Muchisimas, Im so greatful to be here. Love each and every one of you, hope everyone is doing great, hows the word a week thing going at your work blake, youll have to tell me some mexican spanish! ha Elder Farrow you can fill me in on some too.
Love you all more then the Los Muermos Bums like their Alcohol, ha and they really love it :(

Thanks for all the emails fam and friends,
Chow Chow, Que les valle bien,
Elder Carter

Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

Hey Family! Wow it has been a HOT week here, finally it is Verano (Summer) and the sun here is sooooooooo powerful. I already miss the cold ha, with 100% humidity and the ozone layer is very thin here. I don’t know how to explain it but it burns you to the bones even with sunscreen. Ha good ol Chile sure has the best of both worlds when it comes to the weather gotta love it.

IT has been a great week, TOUGH but great. Most of our citas (appointments) fell and we have struggled to find people, most people aqui (here) in Los Muermos go to the beach in the summer all day. But what I love about these times is it’s the test of your faith and diligence. This is when Satan wants you to give up but this is where the blessings are made.

This week we had our interview with President Rappleye and they went very well always an animo booster. Also gave another talk in sacrament, every 3 weeks or algo asi (so here) I give one, has really helped with Spanish, Finally I gave it confident in looking away from the paper and talking rather than reciting it felt good. Was planning on giving a 25 min one but only needed to give 15 min. We are scared that the animo of the rama is decreasing a bit but we are looking for ways we can get the animo back up, the members really rely on the missionaries here and as the conseyos (conselhos? Or counselor) de rama we are really obligated to make sure the members and leaders of the rama keep up with animo, we have planned a couple activities and are really searching for service to help build their animo as well as find people to build the branch. This branch is really special and I can’t tell you how much I have fallen in love with the people here.

Today we went to a poseo (trip) to this guy’s house more towards Puerto Mont Campo, he had a zipline that was fun and I finally got to play futbol (soccer) real ha I stink so bad. I apologize for the lack of what I can write today, the trips out of los muermos really kill our time to write, I have really been strengthened this week mentally, physically, and spiritually, Hard things have to come our way to grow and I have accepted that, Tough week but enriching, We are really excited for some great stuff that will be happening in Los Muermos. Sounds like everyone is doing great back home and I pray for you all every day. I hope all is well, it is going great here, I will have some Amazing stories to tell that’s for sure ha. The spirit has been such a great companion especially this week and I can’t explain the joy I get from having the spirit as my companion, a veces (at times) I get overwhelmed with joy at how great the work of our Lord is. I apologize for how short this is but know I’m doing great!

For Elder Farrow! I am so happy to hear from you elder! I love you so much man I know you are killing it down there in Mexico, I get emotional knowing all of us our all over doing the lords work and growing immensely, pray for you every day man and so stoked to share our experiences. I’m sure we will have a ton! Le quiero Muchisimas! Descupe todavia cuando escribo espaƱol is malo pero esta bien jaja, de verdad la obra misional es incredible, ahora estoy muy agredecido por nuestro salvador y su espiritu, El us my guia cada dia aqui, Ahoro estoy en un chicitito sector se llama, Los Muermos tiene treinta y cinco miembros mas o menos. Las personas de la mision lo llama Los Muertes aqui, pero no es asi, con fe, animo, y obediencia este sector es el Oro de la mision, tiene personas bien duro pero el Senior esta preparando personas cada dia, Mi testimonio del evangelio esta criciendo muchisimas, no hay ningun lugar que you querria estar ahora sino aqui, Les Quiero Muchisimas!
Elder Farrow Digame de su sector y como ha estado! Le quiero Mucho Elder!
Y tambien Riley! digame mas de su mision! me encanta a escuchar mas de usted! (ha yep usted)

But yeah sorry I have no time at all right now; Love to get that p90x info from Dalan and thanks dad for the workouts as well! Love you all so much! Thanks for the emails; means a lot! I love doing the work here even when it’s hard and hot ha. Much Love,
Elder Carter

P.S Could you forward that to Elder Farrow and Riley I really want to make sure they get my email, idk how to add them for some reason

Monday, January 7, 2013

Dang, It's 2013

Dang It's 2013, that is NUTS!!! I was thinking about it the other day (not being trunky just thinking ha) that in the beginning of next month I will have already been on my mission for 6 months. NUTS. It feels like I just ate French toast at that super good place and entered the MTC.

OK OK let me think, ok first what did I do for New Year’s.... well for New Year’s eve we went to the Martinez families house and showed them football, ha they had never seen a football in their life, and I never realized how hard it is to throw, they were terrible at throwing it haha it was fun to teach them, all the little kids in their neighborhood and lots of other people were so curious they had never seen something like that before. We ate SOOO MUCH MEAT she loaded our plates with every type of meat, sausage, hot dog, chicken, pork, cow, everything on one plate. IT was way tough to eat especially since it was at night it is really hard for me to eat at night especially that heavy of a meal my body isn’t used to it any more. Then we had to be home at 10 but we wanted to be up for the New Year so we stayed up and played one of our favorite songs from the summer album thing from Deseret yeah pretty exciting right?! Way sweet ha. For the New Year’s in this small town it’s just an excuse for people to drink a ton, and they just randomly happen to have this random building called the saga, it’s like a club basically, kinda looks like they tried to make it a castle thing but it just kinda looks like the great and spacious building haha, but that was really loud all night, we can hear it from our house, and there were tons of drunks that woke us up as they walked by our house in the early morning. Also made crepes the New Year’s day and but Nutella that we bought from lider in puerto and manjar with bananas WAY GOOD ha yep me and Elder Gardner got some chef skills.

Um oh yeah! so regarding my feet problems, got a lot of that going on ha so lame, we headed to Puerto for my companion to check out his verugas (wart) and he put liquid nitrogen on the parts that were growing back, and then for free he did mine as well, IT hurt bad for that to be put on and did for a couple days, also have some ingrown toenails coming in so I had to travel to Rahue, the zone a little more north then Osorno to get them cut by some lady, luckily they weren’t bad, But It was a long travel and for that we went on intercambios cause another elder had to go get some stuff fixed with his feet, he was a Latino from Columbia (our district leader) and it was my first time just with a Latino, We ended up talking a good amount of time on the bus there (hour and a half) and the bus back as well as the time waiting, I was pretty stoked that we could talk and function, and whenever I would say things wrong or not understand him I’d just ask him to explain better and I could understand, what was hard was with the nurse lady, I was the only gringo there and everyone else couldn’t speak English so that was a headache trying to understand what I needed to do. Ha did it though, It’s a lot different when you’re with a Latino but you learn a lot since the only thing you can talk is Spanish. MY head hurt way bad after that day ha Spanish kills your head. But with that I have not been able to walk yesterday, after church I had to just walk home and that’s it, it was a LONG day. I guess it is smart so that it gets a day of rest so it doesn’t come back. We walk a lot here in Los Muermos, never have walked so much in my life ha.

To answer your questions mom on pdays not really much since we are in a small sector, just usually the stuff needed to prep and the occasional nap since we have nothing else to do haha, also yeah we do have to do our own laundry since we have a washing machine. It is hard to dry our clothes right now cause it’s been kinda colder. The suns supposed to come out soon though! I think I need more Gs I need to figure out how to buy more. And me and my companion get along great, we will be together for 18 weeks, that’s a long time to be with someone 24/7 but we get along great and now we are that much closer and know each other pretty well.

Quick question...if anyone knows some good work outs I could do without weights just with my body that would be sweet and you should send me them, I want to expand my work out ideas. oh we switched our mamita and now we have to walk a lot farther, she just wanted to take a break from doing it after 3 yrs or something so yeah,
For your question Kristy about the spiritual promptings that is a tough one but I completely get what you are saying, in the mission our lives right now rely on the spirit, without it we can’t do anything. And so we are always trying to be in tune. I love what Elder Bednar said about this, if we are doing and living the gospel of Jesus Christ and being a good boy or girl in this case the spirit will guide you, but the trick is how do you know if it is our just a thought...still that is hard for me but what I notice is often times we are given thoughts in our heads that impulse us to act on something abnormal, what I do is I ask myself would this be something that would be along the lines of the teachings of Christ even if it seems somewhat weird to act on, sure do it ha, maybe take it in a creative way like joke how even though you don’t drink you thought Pepsi in nice bottles would make New Year’s classy, but idk sometimes it’s unclear ha sorry that’s a tough one, with me if I ever get an impression to knock a door even if it’s just a tiny thought I do it, but I’ll try to get a better answer for you sorry haha. Just do good though and go along the guidelines and teachings of Christ.

Quick thought as well, I have thought of random things I have missed that are kinda silly like Costco food, beach, basketball and other things, but one thing I have been reading is the Fourth missionary that talks about putting off those desires and things that I left behind and giving my heart to the lord. This doesn’t mean like becoming a robot but it means to not let the things I left get me down or missing things, I am here to become a servant of the lord and for that I am so happy here and when you lose yourself and not let things you remember miss then your fine. And those things will be there when I get back, ha definitely loving it here and loving serving the lord. I don’t have much time left to expand on that but yeah try finding that talk maybe Dalan read it?Haa check it out hahahah oh dad that thing you said in your letter about girls on missions was great. Nice catch there haha I will do that though good advice haha

Love you all,
Les Amo Muchisimas! Con Amor!
Elder Carter