Monday, April 28, 2014

Amazing week...Baptism of Denny:) etc

 WOW what a week to remember. Denny and Hectors (investigator of the
hermanas) baptism was one of the greatest moments of my life. There
was one of the best attendances of a baptismal service ive ever seen.
We had the family sanchez give a triple to denny with their
testimonies and as well  we had Sister donoso give a himnario with her
testimony so he could remember more the service. since she helped us
with the special number (We sang 2 primamry hymns "cuando me bautice"
y "El bautismo". We had such great support from the branch as well the
other elders from alto had their investigator giovanni who will be
baptized next saturday. The spirit filled that room. It was my first
time baptizing someone so that was amazing to have been able to find
Denny and be part of the start of his journey. Denny and Hector both
had the chance to testify at the end, and the spirit was incredible.
Denny said that that day was one of the best days of his life and he
knows that this is only the beginning. As he testified that he knows
that this is the true church and how much love he felt from the
members, it was a very emotional time. I got very emotional as his son
sang with us the last hymn (we thank thee o god for our prophet" (de
damos señor nuestras gracias)  After the members swarmed immediately
to them and welcomed him and congratulated them with his great desire
to come unto christ. There was a ton of investigators there and no one
could deny the presence of the spirit in that service.

ha but thats not all rewinding a bit in the week we had interviews
this week friday with president it was going to be the last time
having an interview with him (he ends in june and next transfer we
will be having a zone conference with him (we switch each cambio) )
The day they came in the morning we made sure everything was good and
at the time of lunch I asked president what him and his wife were
going to do for lunch, he asked me if I know of a good place and
mentioned this pizza place thats pretty expensive that I heard was
good (I had never went because its to much for a missionary) he said
hmm sounds good, as he was leaving he asked if we were going to eat
with the mamita that day, we were so I couldnt lie and said yeah we
are we are good... as they started to leave we had the biggest desire
to eat with president so I looked at my companion and we both thought
the same thing, haha we ran out to the car and I called president and
said wait! could we go with you president? I made a lame excuse that
we were in intercambios and another elder was going to go to our house
with the other elders but he saw I was just tryign to justify and said
he didnt understand my reason. I realized that I was just tryign to
find a reason and finally said Really I dont have a good reason I just
want to eat with you guys. he laughed and smiled and said hop in. We
ended up having an awesome lunch with him and his wife with all you
can eat pizza. He told us some awesome stories of when he was regional
manager of bridgestone tires. After we returned for our interviews.

This was one of the best interviews I had on the mission, we talked
about the sweet experiences weve had with denny, then we had an
awesome interview of the greatest success on the mission is who I am
in 20 years. I talked about the things the most I had learned on the
mission and it made me realize how much I have been able to progress
here on the mission. After we had a meeting with him and the president
of the district and there they talked about the district conference
(like stake conference) and president found out there he would be
talking 4 hours in total the next 2 days. We asked him earlier if he
would like to accompany us that night to visit and teach denny and
thought that more than likely he would have no time due to all the
talks he would need to plan. But he still wanted to, him and hermana
rappleye came with us to teach denny! it was one of the coolest
lessons, I think there are no other 2 people better to support your
teachings with their testimonies and thoughts. We taught about
obedience and mission work. At the end it was a moment very special,
as we left denny said to president thank you for sending these young
men here and for all you do with tears in his eyes. I was so greatful
for that moment, we took a picture all together (below)

The next days was the district conference which was awesome the first
talk president gave was more intereactive his wife drew the plan of
salvation and with the help of all the members there we taught the
plan of salvation, with some insights that I never had thought before,
the spirit was truly there. My favorite part was when president
rappleye said and to recieve the grace of god in this life and have
success we must... and said "missionaries to feet... follow the lord"
( in that moment without even saying 1...2...3...all the missionaries
(18 in total stood up and said  our missionary purpose (follow the
lord, invite others to come unto christ by helping them recieve the
restored gospel through faith in jesus christ and his atonement,
repentance, baptism, recieving the gift of the holy ghost and enduring
to the end) that we had all learned in the mtc and recite in our
meetings. The spirit filled the room and the truth and importance of
our purpose. to end the last hymn as I sang I was so proud to be a
member and missionary of our church. I teared up in the song "pueblo
de sion"

Ending this week last night I fell right to sleep, Im very certain
that spiritual moments cause fatigue. There were more experiences this
week but to sum up the week I am so greatful to serve the lord and
each day I feel closer and closer to our savior.

So its coming to that time of skypeing for mothers day so let me know
what time works best for you guys. Love you guys a ton:) Im so
greatful for being able to find people like denny that are so prepared
to hear the gospel. next sunday he will be recieving the gift of the
holy ghost.
love you guys,

Elder Carter

Monday, April 21, 2014

Baptism this Sunday!

Hey! So this week was awesome. Denny had his baptismal interview today
and he is stoked for his baptism, president rappleye will be coming
this weekend for a district conference so we had to change the baptism
for sunday instead of saturday and he will get confirmed next week. He
asked if I could be the one to baptize him so that will be a very
sweet spiritual experience. It was so cool to see how excited he is to
start this new life.

As well we have been finding and teaching some awesome people. We are
taking the counsel from ballard and carrying our preach my gospels
during the day. We have been sharing our thoughts with the members and
applying the things we learn with them, we went to a family and read
the quote of gordon b hinckley reading a letter from a recent convert
that didnt get welcomed good, then we got them excited about a tour
they were going to help us with in the church, They all gave their
ideas and applied what we read in preach my gospel, that night they
all came and became the tour guides for an investigator we have that
is 23 years old. The investigator loved the tour and the family with
their kids in all beamed with a spirit of mission work.

As well we had a intercambio with the elders in aysen I stayed in our
sector. I was stoked for that day but unfortunately ALL our
appointments fell and it poured rain, but we still tried to make
something of the day and at the end didnt end to bad, to raise our
spirits we ate a box of trix, ha one of the only gringo brands of
cereal here.

Im starting to talk with a little bit of an accent from
cordoba,argentina, they alongate there words sometimes saying
cordooobes or delgaaado not sure how to explain it but its kinda
funny, im sure when I come home all the hispanics will be confused
where I come from, (gringo chileno argentino honduraño guatamalteco

Tonight we were thinking about talking with the lider misional of the
district to consider him capicatating the mission leaders to help them
magnify their calling, We are having cordination meeting and we feel
our meetings arent efficient they are becoming more story circles of
our investigators, I think a meeting with them and the lider misional
of the district can make a good impact to help them know how to
magnify their calling. We have been having great progress with El
Rescate and we we really want to assure that the leaders as well are
ready to do their part,

Im so greatful for the love the savior has for us. This easter was
awesome, they dont do much eggs or bunnys here, but for sunday we had
lunch with the president of the branch, the wife gave us a alfajor
with a design on top of a bunny I thought that was cool. The culture
here for easter is very catholic, they celebrate the holy week, and
dont eat meat during this week, ha but there wasnt much who abided by
it. each day has a special thing the catholic church does. We watched
a video in church called gracias a el (thanks to him) it was pretty
sweet its on gave me goosebumps haha. super excited for
this weekend (interviews, district conference and the baptism)

Thanks for all your love and support, I can truly tell you all that I
know that my savior lives and loves me, and that as we live the gospel
its possible.

In one of our lessons we read the chapter 27 of 3 nefi, she didnt
understand it very well but I gave the example of a house to explain
the gospel of christ to explain baptism. Being imperfect people we all
sin, so you can say we are like a house that needs to be clean, the
gospel is the teachings and tools to clean it. But to really start
this cleaning god wants us to clean ourselves completely of sin or in
this sense it would be a down clean on the house, and understand how
to clean, Then each day we have to live the teachings of christ or "
tidy up the house" and give our house a weekly cleaning as well (the
sacrament). But you dont have to worry that your house will get dirty
again because after you give it a down clean (baptism) it is much much
easier to mantain it, because we have all the teachings of christ to
apply each day as well the help from the spirit.

ha kinda hard to explain it in a email but she understood the
scripture. With a lot of people that dont come from strong religious
backgrounds its incredible how many ways you can help them understand
the message and feel the spirit.

But hey take care this week!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM AND DAD! I know they are both close to each other
haha im sorry being far away makes it hard to remember things

Love you

Elder Carter

Monday, April 14, 2014

Following spiritual impressions, running, and tacos (Photos)

Denny is leaving for semana santa so he wont be able to get baptized
this saturday BUT the next weekend he will be getting baptized for
sure, ha he is super excited. We will more then likely be having 3 all
in the same day for the zone here in coyhaique and are wanting to do
them all together. Denny as well as the other 2 are very excited to
enter the gates of baptism. I laughed because he obeys the
commandments even before we tell him the blessings and promises, he
just knows its true.

We have also been very guided by the spirit. We found one family that
hasnt been in contact with missionaries for 20 years and came to
church with her son that is 25. It was interesting because we found
them by a reference from an investigator that thought she could
benefit from the gospel (not knowing she wasnt mormon), and if we
didnt recieve the dirrection i dont think any missionary would know
how to get to the house it was super hidden.  She has been passing for
a lot of dificulties The church members gave great friendship. We took
a picture in our gospel principles class! Denny the hermana that hasnt
come for 20 years and some others were there, it was a awesome class,
I love our gospel principles class.  We had branch council yesterday
and I feel we are working very well with our leaders. It was very
productive and everything is based upon our branches mission goals. We
have also have been finding great people in our sector and are just
trying to be the best examples for our zone. We feel the zone us
seeing the hand of the lord and everyones excited to work. Loving the
work here, we feel things are becoming very unified.

One other sweet story is we were walking up a steep hill to a less
active family, as we passed by we saw a family all smoking together, I
thought how sad it was that that was there way to bond, the family
wasnt there so we began to walk down the steep hill, my companion
looked at me and said, hey elder i have this impression that we need
to talk to that family that was smoking, they were way far away, he
said "now or tomorrow?" I said now, and he agreed, we went and all the
family kinda left except the daugther, but she was way receptive in it
wasnt weird that we returned to just talk to them, as we talked to her
for a bit we explained we felt that we need to talk to her and she
commented that her brother had drowned last month and she has been
stuggling to know why god would take away her brother of 17, we shared
the plan of salvation for a bit and the spirit was there, its
incredible to know that God cares for all his children and wants all
to know that he loves them and has a perfect plan for them.

Today we are going to be eating tacos with a member and denny, we are
stoked, ha they never eat tacos here so we always just make them with
members, showing them the greatness of tacos;)

Ive been running almost every morning with my comp, its freezing cold
in the morning and I always get a headache but its worth it... i put
some pictures.... one of principios del evangelio... one of me almost
going out to run....and one with me and my comp

Love you all a ton!

Monday, April 7, 2014

No earthquakes here...but the

Hey family so yeah dont you worry the earthquake was way way far from
where we are. That night though the signals were all done in
cellphones and in some sectors of our zones still had tsnumai warnings
(more precautionary then anything), president gave us call to call the
sectors next to the coast and it was cool how fast the church reacts
and how precautionary we hare.  so we gave calls to 2 sectors making
sure they were away from tsnunami danger one had to stay in another
house for the night and the others helped a family stay in there
house, nothing happened but they had tsunami warnings down to punta
arenas, my sector is in the mountains so I was fine as well we were
WAYYY far from the earthquake.

So this week was good, Denny loved the conference, he has his
baptismal interview this saturday. As he heard Eyring say the comment
about being invited about missionaries and preparing to be baptized,
he looked at us smiling saying, I know what you guys said now about
the talks speaking directly to you.

Something cool happened this week one of the families that has
completely reactivated ( a young couple (23 and 24)  with 4 children)
called us a couple days ago, simply saying hey we are kinda down could
you pass by to lift us up, before we passed by I had the impression to
buy some alfajores for some reason for them, as we got there We shared
a comforting message of the holy ghost, then once again I got the
impression to ask if they had dedicated there house, they hadnt, and
their eyes beamed with excitement, recieved the dedication and tears
filled their eyes  They said a lot of their plans for the family didnt
work out and had been a terrible week, it was cool to see that now
that they are coming to church again god is going to help them. and
when we got there it was going to be the birthday of one of their
daughters, the small refreshment we left for their daughter and family
was the perfect way to end the visit- they were left with a reminder
that god is always thinking about them.

Personally I loved the conference. I watched 2 in Spanish and 3 in
English, I like it more in english but it was nice watching it with an
investigator that was way cool. It truly is an incredible experience
each time listening to the prophets and apostles they are truly chosen
As well I almost cried after each song of the tabernacle choir mormon.
I truly felt like they were the voices of angels, youll have to ask
bro shcroeder how he feels in those moments.

I loved the talks this time, I thought the comment of Elder Oaks with
regards to women and priesthood authority was interesting.

I got a good laugh of the story of president monson with uchtdorf on
air force one. Dont even think about it uchtdorf!!! haha

Well I dont have my notes but some of my favorites were....

Uchtdorfs dont sleep through the restoration

Christoffersons talk on the resurrection

The counselor of the young mens presidency talk...referring to how we
are the century of choice. And how in one click we could have whatever
our heart desires, and with the powerful question of what does your
heart desire?

As well I loved the repeated principle of being the same person in the
dark and in the light and having courage to stand up for what is

Hollands talk mixed with The prophets was a powerful reminder that we
must stand for what is right and obviously we will face persicution.
I think as well the talk by corbridge touched even more on the topic,
I loved how he said were the huge grey cloud is with tons of
opposition and locura, in the middle of that cloud will be found the
truth. The truth will always have opposition ALWAYS.

As a missionary I just love the simplecity of the messages, these men
come from so many high professions, heart surgeons huge business men,
scholars, etc and they explain the doctrine in the simplest
powerfullest, and most interesting way.

Well I could go on forever but I think you get the idea that I love
the conference and want the conference to be something very important
to me throughout all my life.

I went and splits with a colombiano the other day, he just started the
mission it was cool to be with someone new again, he had an awesome
story of his conversion and had so much excitement.

Well thats all for now this week, The conference made my week, its
sweet being able to apply it now with full time dedication to the
gospel. Have a good week!

Elder Carter