Monday, June 16, 2014

CHI!!! CHI!!! LE!! LE!!! VIVE CHILE!!!

Well first off we had permission to watch the game of chile, if we
were with an investigator or as a activity. So we did just that and
did an activity at a members house with all the elders quorum and with
an investigator. Im glad we got permission cause in that moment there
wasnt one person who wasnt watching the game, it was pretty awesome to
watch the game and gain more confidence with the members, me and my
companion put on our chile jersys over our shirts to get the spirit
going. as well...
Watching the game of Chile helped us in the work! A couple days after
the game we were knocking doors and started talking to this one women,
we saw her husband was eating lunch and she gave us a face that said
they were busy. We began to speak about the game to her knowing her
husband would be listening, it was awesome you could see the husbands
face with so much excitement to talk about the game with us. He then
came over to the door and began to talk more and more, then invited us
in to talk more and more, as we were talking their kids (ages 21 and
17 walked in and began to talk with us as well. The game of italy was
about to start and we were able to get the topic to change to the
gospel.we found out that they shared before with missionarys and
before the game started we were able to give them a folleto and spark
their attention with a short summary of the restauration. We were able
to end with a prayer in which without even asking they turned off the
TV (even while the game was on) and we offered the prayer, As we left
them at peace watching the game together they said, you gotta stay and
watch the game with us!!! or to have once with us, you dont have to
leave! With that we said dont worry we will come back to see how you
are and we can see how the reading went. They agreed with excitement.
Its cool how God will always find a way to hasten the work.

As well for Fathers Day, ha didnt even remember it was fathers day
until the morning of, some members of the relief society made some
pillows as gifts to men that live in a retired home facility in back
of the hospital here. They asked if we could accompany them and it was
a sweet way to spend a part of Fathers Day. We  visited the houses and
I was moved by some of their expressions as we came to visit, one man
was 87 and got excited and started showing us all his test results to
show us how healthy he was haha We sang to them and they told us they
felt something real good in their heart as we sang. It was cool to
visit some fathers, well most grandfathers, I put one picture of the
experience this is hermano raul, we read the book of mormon with him
almost every week, he still reads super well if he didnt have trouble
walking he would be one of the most faithful members to go to church.
But he loved the visit.

But yeah well its cambios week again, and my companion is heading for
his house.  This Wednesday we will be heading early in the morning to
osorno. My companion got permission to go to one of his old sectors
before he has to meet in the house of the mission so I will be going
with him to a place called Frutillar for the morning there, then in
the night I will be pickin up my new companion, he is from Colombia.
his names Elder Sanchez. Its funny cause when I was Coyhaique Elder Da
Silva and Elder Sanchez were some of the district leaders in our zone
so before being their companions I have already been in intercambios
with them and gotten to know them. Im stoked to end with a latino so I
can end my mission speaking spanish the whole time. I have had 7
latino companions and 5 gringo companions. But stoked to give it my
all this cambio. We had 4 investigators at church this week, 2 are
eternals and the other 2 are progressing well. We actually had a noche
de hogar with one of them saturday at the church. Its cool because
some members here are awesome and always invite their friend to share,
the 2 investigators that are progressing are friends of the members.
Its so much easier the work when the members help.

But hey take care this week, Once Again Happy fathers Day DAD! love you a ton.

I love the new sandals mom super stylish hahha,

Elder Carter

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