Monday, June 23, 2014

Awesome week, CHILE SIGA GANANDO!!!

Sounds like you guys had a awesome week at the river!.... well blake and dad! thats awesome! you went fishing as well? everyone here in the south of chile love fishing but more the tourists, ha I guess its one of the best places in the world for fishing.
Awesome pictures though, as well of Dalan and Kristy and su familia. Sounds like everything is going good.

This week has been one to remember, We are working hard, and finding some amazingly prepared people. I want this last cambio to be one to remember. Remember that family I told you about that let us in for talking about the game!?! We taught them this week and they were way awesome! They have a couple more kids that we didnt know about and we watched a mormon message and they all watched in silence and liked it, they are more hesitant with religion but after we watched there was no doubt that they felt the spirit the dad after watching asked... and what time does your church start? he was impressed by the feelings he felt. We will be having a family night with them this week so I will tell you how it goes.

As well we were looking for some menos activos using the program we have ElRescate. And as we knocked this door this man answered and smiled imediately and said "come in come in!!! " he only has 3 months here but has talked before with missionarys as we taught the restoration he began to understand the things we said but naturally he didnt seem to be that convinced that there could be a prophet, but he understood that it would be important. We showed him the way to pray and asked him to offer a prayer, it was one of the simplest prayers i heard, something like "Dios, thanks for my family, I ask you to bless them, en the name of jesucristo amen." And as he raised his head his eyes were filled with shock, this man felt the spirit, he couldnt explain it ni didnt say much after but said wow, prayer is something real good to do. We testified telling him it definately is, this thursday we will be passing to see him.

We had some other amazing experiences this week but I am loving every minute, its such a blessing to serve the lord and be able to talk to people and share these things we know.

This cambio we are really focussing on noche de hogares with members and their friends. We really want to help the unity there is here, and make this branch strong.

Mom this pueblo is super tiny and I dont think they have someone to measure me for blakes wedding, but Ill keep lookin.

Chile is playing today as well! and tomorrow we are going to be going to valdivia to say goodbye to president rappleye, president obeso comes 28th crazy crazy.

Take care this week
Love you guys a ton.

Elder Carter

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