Monday, May 26, 2014

What a Blessing it is to be a Missionary

Hey family, wow this week was really special I dont know how to
explain it. Its funny because it was one of the weeks where I think I
have been more rejected and criticized by people on my mission, but
looking back on it im happy. There is something super special about
being a missionary, I can happily say I have completely eliminated my
fear of talking to anyone on the street, door, bus, etc. And talking
to them about their lives, their hopes, their favorite soccer team,
Etc and then directing the conversation to our special message of the
restoration of the gospel of Christ. I cant tell you how happy I am to
be able to share this message, I feel every moment I testify of what I
know to a stranger or conocido, the spirit fills my soul.

Yesterday, we had a very interesting experience with our neighbor the
typical uninterested grandma that loves to give us food but wants
nothing with our message. haha her borther in law yelled out to us
earlier that week asking why we havent come by for weeks, we said we
would pass by for a bit sunday. As we passed I immediately started
laughing because as I entered her brother in law came down the stairs
with chips and cookies, they took out a huge piece of meat to difrost
to serve us, hot milk, soda, etc. We let them know we just barely had
lunch but still filled us with cookies. I dont know how but the spirit
somehow allowed me to get us on topics of the gospel, my companion was
amazed because each time we came by she said no. Thinking about it,
thanks to a movie based on Noah and the Ark that I guess is coming out
we got on the topic of the story, I took out my bible and said oh man
we got to read the story its incredible. We did what you did dad when
you served simply read a story from the bible, as we read it we made
it more entertaining and the spirit filled the room, we talked about
how amazing it would be to have a prophet guiding us today. They were
etertained by the story and next time we pass they agreed that we
could pass by to read another. We are truly messangers of Gods Church
and the spirit of our message cant be ignored

I cant lie in some sectors it takes time for members to gain
confidence with, but Im one to be diligent;)

We had an amazing family night with a member and 4 investigators, that
I talked about my last letter. Went AMAZING!!! We watched a video
about the great apostacy and the spirit was incredible everyone felt
it, we talked about baptisms for the dead and it sparked the attention
of all of them. ha except the funniest part is the grandma of the
member said she felt the spirit so strong during the video and said
she is so greatful for finding her evangelical church and being
baptized there. We just smiled and continued on with the message hahah

Ending the week we were looking for some inactive members on a list
and asked a joven of 25 years if he knew one of the directions on the
list and started helping us look for the direction we couldnt find it
but he said but are there others on the list? we were shocked by how
friendly he was and began to talk with him, he never had shared with
missionarys but you could sense he wanted us to pass by his house. He
agreed and said today we could pass by.

There really is no place where people are being prepared. It truly
depends on our faith and attitude, sometimes we have to stroke when we
dont want to stroke but I know without a doubt this is Gods work and
God has helped me become an instrument in his work.

Hope all is well
I love the lord, I love serving him and talking to every person I
cross that he lives and has restored his truth here on the earth.

Mucho amor, Elder Carter

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