Monday, June 9, 2014

Busses and Mission Work

wow I had some awesome experiences this week, this week we had to do a
lot of traveling and it took a lot out of our time to work in our
sector, but I was dying to have spiritual moments. I was suprised at
how many experiences I had this week being able to share the gospel
with people on buses. Here is one experience I had:
 As we were waiting to get on the bus to head to osorno for the lider
council I saw a man and felt impressed to start a conversation with
him, the bus came and all we had chance to talk about was that he had
talked to missionarys before and had a book of mormon but loaned it
someone , so we handed him a pamphlet of the restauration. We had to
get on the bus so our conversation had to end, as we were looking for
our seats I look up and the man pointed at the seat next to him and I
decided to sit there and continue talking. The man took out the
pamphlet and got excited he said you gotta pass by so we can talk more
about your church, I found out he was from panguipuilli and I wrote
down his number and said the missionaries from panguipuilli would be
in contact with him, as we talked more he told me earlier in his life
he was preparing to be a catholic priest and knew a ton about the
bible but now he doesnt believe to much in the catholic church. I
talked about the restoration of the gospel and something he loved
about the bible was the stories of the pueblo de israel, I talked
about the importance of prophets in the old times as well as in the
time of jesucristo and talked about how now its of the same
importance. He understood completely and had the doubt about the many
false prophets, I love that doubt because I told him the elders from
panguipulli will be giving him another book of mormon which is the
convincing evidence that there is a prophet of God here today. He was
filled with excitement and thanked me for being able to talk with him,
the elders in panguipuilli have an appointment with him next week, I
think its so cool how ALWAYS God puts people in our way.

We decided in lider council that we are allowed to watch the first 3
games of chile of the world cup! President wants us to take advantage
of the situation to have activities in the church, watch with
investigators, and after the games end leave immediately to the
streets talking with the people about the games as a tool to gain
confidence. It will sure be interesting this next month because there
will constantly be games and everyone will be glued to their tvs but
we just gotta be creative and us it to our advantage:)

President Rappleye is still here he leaves the 29th of this month,
actually we had a district conference (like stake conference but for a
district) I was touched by the testimony president rapplye gave in the
session of the conference of his experience with an experience he had
with accompanying the missionaries, he didnt mention the names of the
experience but told with details. I soon realized he was talking about
the experienced with Denny and us. He said when Denny stood up after
the lesson and with tears in his eyes shaking the hand of president
rappleye and said "thank you for sending these angels of God to my
house" , that was one of the most precious moments of his mission
here. As for me as well Im so greatful to have had such a memorable
experience. Im so greatful for the experiences the mission has given
me, my testiomny of the gospel has boomed on the mission, its truly a
blessing to be part of the restoration.

Amo Jesucristo y este gran obra de salvacion:)

Elder Carter

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