Sunday, July 29, 2012


Zack gave his farewell talk today.  Chelsey spoke before him and treated us with a quote out of here "cheesy things people say to start their talk".  She quoted Zack when he was companion speaker with Trevor Knight last year, when he said "You can tell how popular you are by how many people come to your farewell".  We were teary-eyed when Aurelia Casos sang "His Hands" accompanied by Allison Browning.  Everyone's eyes were on Kari Stotts as she signed the song.  Aurelia served in Osorno Chile on her mission and she sang one of the verses in spanish.

That afternoon, family came over for an early dinner and we had an open house at 6:30.  It was like a reunion and we loved having everyone come and share this time with Zack.

Thank you Autumn Larsen for making the "Elder Carter White Shirt and Tie" cake.

Thank you Deanna Pennock for the beautiful "Adios Elder Carter" banner

It started getting crowded

Jeremy, Jared, Jill Rios hamming it up with Zack, Blake and Erin.  On the left is Jeremy's "We're still trying to figure it out" friend. 

Enough hugs to last two years.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Call - Chile Osorno

Zack was pretty excited to get his call.  He knew the exact day it would show up in the mail.  When it arrived, he made sure the rest of his apartment complex knew by running up and down the hall, screaming "I GOT MY CALL!!  I GOT MY CALL!!"  Then he carried it to all of his classes that day (unopened).  It was killing him to wait.

That evening, he had a technology/social event to share the grand opening: with brother on the cell phone, grandparents on iPhone FaceTime, parents/sister/cousins on Google+ video chat and an apartment full of friends.  It was quite the event.