Monday, March 3, 2014

Spirit truly guides us

Hey family! wow this week went fast, even this month, Its crazy. We are always busy enjoying the mission so that must be why
Well there are tons of things that happened this week but I guess I can try to sum it up,
To start after pday monday we had to do some informes :( but then when we went to work we saw some people in the park doing slack lineing and we thought we would talk to them, when we got there we realized they were all teenagers about our age and super of the world, it was super awkward ha, my comp was going to do the slack line and did for a bit but fell bad doing it because it was such a awkward atmospher. it was just to weird the girls started like kissing their boyfriends and stuff and other girls started dancing inapprotiatley, and the guys didnt talk to us, haha so we felt super awkward and just left, then we were shocked at their behavior and we just wanted to bring the spirit haha, so we just happened to walk by the church and entered and sang a hymn  haha oh man you really dont notice the difference from worldly people and us til you get thrown into a situation uncomfortable.super greatful for the gospel. ha nothing like a hymn to get your animo going;)

We have been finding a ton of people this week! for the second time, which Is the hardest part, 2nd lessons are so much harder then firsts, because they already have a piece and its their chance to decide if they want to commit themselves more to what we offered. Taught Denny and went awesome, he got super excited about 3 nefi 11, I loved his summary of it, "Its so clear! Follow Christ, Get baptized with the authority, live it, and you got eternal life" haha he is awesome. He said without a doubt he would come to church , but unfortunately didnt come and still hasnt responded to our calls telling us why but its all good patience:).

We had some cool experiences with president rappleye this week, he got here friday and we had to coordinate a meeting at the hospital because the doctor for all of chile was here and wanted to see how the health was here, so we coordinated it, when they got here we helped them with their bags to their hotel, it was such a beautiful hotel and room, then we showed them where the hospital was, they had us go in with them and i t was so cool walking around the hospital with president, he just looks important cause he is a tall man and just looks like he has authority, ha everyone was confused to see grown men as missionaries, we entered the meeting for health and it was a cool experience to be there. Lots of stuff that goes behind mission work, im sure grandma understands thats after working for the church. As well president sent us to go buy him some soda, ha never thought i would have to call president to tell him that they didnt have his favorite soda but theres a first for everything.

The conference went really well, we did lots of practices, and repased the conference, president shared his notes, He really focused on acting, I loved it we really just need to act, we created plans of how we could get the great knowledge that we got from the conference with elder ballard and put it into action.

I loved the teachings of ballard, I just finished reading the book "Our search for happiness" written by ballard, it is a book written towards someone that wouldnt be of our faith, his insights and simple teachings are incredible, it really wants me to strive to continue to internalize the simple truths of the restored gospel.

Lastly I know that the spirit is here with us, in all aspects of the work I have felt it,
Just the other day we were knocking doors and a man let us in immediately, he was a mecanic and they told us to pass another day, the day we passed by for the second time (Sunday) he explained to us that he has never ever EVER let someone like us in before, even his wife was confused, he didnt know why he let us in, he wasnt very religions (like barely believe in god) but said he just felt like he needed to let us in, he told us he is passing for a lot of trials and he just felt that we the mormons had what he needed to find peace. He surely wasnt the type that let us in, and he even told he never would have before, but the spirit told him that we had what he needed, nothing more. Im so greatful that I can be a representative of Christs church. And I will talk to all people I pass by so that each person has the chance to feel the spirit of christ.

haha well take care love you tons, I pray always and work always so that I can make the most of the time that god has given me to do his work,

Elder Carter

PS that shark is sweet blake!!!!! where was that at? did you eat it? shark is good I hear

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