Monday, March 31, 2014

More miracles and progress

this week has been going amazing. Denny told us he remembered what we
mentioned about the word of wisdom and has been living it for 2 weeks
now, he gave us his cigarrettes the beginning of this week, he says
his body is miserable but he knows its the will of God, I have 2 of
them taped in my journal to remember that visit, the spirit is so
strong when we teach him, ha I didnt even know he smoked. He is the
most prepared person I have ever met,  We went to teach him tithing
and he told us he already learned about it and accepted to live the
law of tithing, we changed his baptismal date to 19 of april we might
even change it to 12. He was recieved amazingly by all members and we
have a family night with the president of the branch wed, he has read
up to alma 6 in the last 3 weeks, I tear up when we teach him because
Its such a testimony that the lord truly prepares people,

 As well the divisions with the priesthood continue to work amazingly
this divisions we left with the quorum and the 8 elders, some of which
that had to stay at our house for the night before they went to puerto
aysen. Other family came to the church for the first time and are
excited to get activated, so far I have seen 3 families and 1 member
get activated since ive been here and its so amazing to see the work
being done by the members and us together. We are excited for this
month. We have a lot of prepared people in our zone ready to get

My comp is sweet, he is from cordoba, argentina, he is super spiritual
and a hard worker, we had the privelage to find a mother and her
daughter this week, as we taught them the restauration briefly, we
explained that the spirit brings us peace and helped them know what
they were feeling was the spirit, we asked if they would like to feel
what they were feeling forever, they agreed and accepted to get
baptized the end of april as they get to know our message more and
come to church.

We had to spend a day in aysen helping the elders move to their new
house (since their owner was having them leave and we are opening a
new sector there) but found out that the house they found wouldnt be
appropriate place to have the house so we spent the day looking for a
house as well ate lunch with the branch president there. We werent
able to find them a house but are praying they will be able to soon.
The zone had a baptizm this saturday, not going to lie it wasnt very
organized by the missionaries and we had to do help calm the nerves,
we prayed that the spirit could be there during the service and I can
tell you that each time I have seen someone get baptized the spirit
fills every part of my body, the spirit confirms to me each ordinance
that this is the way that god has revealed to have salvation.

We also are seeing more in our english class, as well we found out
that dennys sons birthday was this week so we made him no bake cookies
and he loved them! haha denny said he ate them all, thanks for the
recipe mom:)

Something really touched me this week was the prayer denny said as we
left our last visit, he said "help the missionarys have hope that in
coyhaique there will be more people that search for the truth"
This is going to be a great upcoming month, I pray each day that god
can lead us to these prepared people. Love you guys a ton,

Elder Carter

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