Monday, February 24, 2014

HEY FAM! sweet sweet semana (photos)

Hey so this week has been awesom, we have been teaching, finding, and working so much. This week has been awesome, we continue to be finding people, the conference with elder ballard was inspiring and we want the excitement to be mantained. Everyone is finding and we are trying are hardest to be the examples. I cant believe how prepared our investigator is from the point we found him, he will be a great leader in the church. I remember president telling me that we would have success here and I felt the power of the spirit when he told me,im greatful for him recieving the revelation so I can help the lord build his kingdom here. We made a program that the strong families in our branch can use for their family nights, its a simple tool they can use to invite and assign other families to come and participate, as well we have been having a lot of divisions with members going to menos activos, one member invited the other to come and they both fell well with eachother, that member assisted for the first time in 10 years this sunday, as well the member picked up a whole menos activo young family and they all came, we told him this miracle and he recognized that they came because he simply acted. So cool, this branch has so much potential.

Each day we were finding and teaching a ton, for my first time this week we taught 8 lessons in one day, the spirit and excitement is so high when we are constantly teaching, as well we always always make room for contacting each day, we always practice small lessons so we can be prepared in any moment.
With Denny we gave him a tur of the church and he loved it, this week he will be able to come for the first time.

This pday that sweet mountain you guys always see in my photos next to our house is in our sector, so we left to climb it today, it was so beatiful, ha funny story was as we were walking we started to here some beesor something, my comp got stung first and then I realized we were next to a wasthive and there were tons of them, I tried runny but one stung me as well, o man did it hurt it was a special type of wasp I think cause it still hurts but was pretty funny after.

I cant believe how lucky I am to always be able to hike and visit amazing places, ha like the photo of when I was preaching repentance to all of coyhaique?
as well thursday we had another conference with ballard for priestdhood in this region, it was incredible, Ballard is truly an apostol of God, he told amazing stories, one of which I told that stake presidents and leaders need to know their priesthood holders well, who has served missions, who has been through the temple, etc, and when you find out, he said you need to visit them, or have them all for dinner, He did just this in a stake, and all of these menos activo priesthood holders came to the church, he said he was trying to think of what he could say to them to inspire them to come back, as he traveled to the church he saw to cemeteries and then entered, when he walked in all had tons of crazy hairdues tattos, and looked scary, he was thinking what in the world can I say to these people. Then he started talking and said, When I was coming here to the church I saw 2 cemeteries, and I thought all of us one day are going to die, one day all of you will die, and be placed in one of the 2 cemetarys, and when you die if you dont change youll be in for a great suprise, so change! repent! then ballard said and after I said that I thought to myself oh my goodness what did I just do!? they are going to kill me! after the talk every one of them came to him and started to cry, saying thank you so much, help me, help me help myself, I want to continue on this path. Ballard told us that if we pray with all our heart, saying lord help me help someone else, I will give it all I got, help me recieve power from on high to make someones life on track again, The spirit of his talk was incredible, it was a talk of faith and action, We truly can save these sheep that simply are strayed off the path but ALWAYS can come back, I loved one quote stated that was something like "its not so much of what you know, its more of what you do that is important to magnify your calling" we as members talk a ton and create awesome ideas to change or to help, but its amazing what god does when we put those great words and reactivate a family or member that hasnt been to church for 10 years and help him mantain and get his spiritual health to the way it was before.

Love you guys a ton,

Elder Carter

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