Monday, March 17, 2014

Awesome Week

This week ive had a small cold but I didnt let that get in the way of
the work, saturday it was pouring rain and I felt a little sick but
still left and we were able to teach a great amount as well find some
amazing people, really want to take advantage of the time we have to
get people to church and baptized and living the gospel

At the beginning of this week we had our zone capicitation, last week
was the the leadership council with president but since we are so far
away we just receive a paper of what was talked about and make due
with that haha. here in coyhaique and punta arenas are the 2 places
that dont participate. but this zone capicitation was sweet because
half of it was the training for the program of rescuiing the less
actives and finding these members. A missionary couple created it and
he was going to capicitate us via skype. so thats why I was on skype
that one night preparing it ;) haha you guys called like 10 times! ha
im sure it was mom;) but yeah that went well, the program is going to
work awesome, as we gave our capicitaion, we are stoked, we put
emphasis on using the book of mormon and with help from our zone we
created a list of questions that the book of mormon answers with quick
short answers found in the book of mormon with page numbers. as well
we made sure all our ideas come from the missionaries, and they did,
its sweet, im learning a ton of leading skills, one of the best things
ive learned is things get done and people are way more down to do
things when the ideas come from them, and Ive learned how we can
direct the discussions so that their ideas are the same desires of us
and presidents. Our zone is showing a ton of excitement we are stoked.

We had intercambios this week, I went with our district leader, Elder
Sanchez, he is from columbia, and oh we did work that day, we talked
to everyone EVERYONE (we want our district leaders to take the council
of Elder Ballard and talk to EVERYONE, if we want to teach more we
need to talk more, and you guys knowing me I love to talk to people,
in that short day we probably talked to about 50 people, as well
teaching about 6 lessons. They have some awesome people in their
sector, we taught one man that is at home in bed for a month due to an
accident, he understood the restauration perfectly, as we bore
testimony to the first vision the spirit filled the room and as we
invited this man to baptism, at first being very denying and hard
hearted, said he would as he got to know more, he told us he was
committed to listening to us, we knew he felt the spirit and we told
him that this was a commitment to god and that he must continue
studying and asking god if its true.

, the divisions with the members are being implemented in all the
branches in our district as well this week. WE also are loving the new
program  of the directions of the members combined with the list from
chiles list, we have already found so many people from it, some that
havent talked to missionaries for 15 years its incredible and we are
finding people to teach from it, it really is too easy and simple. I
love it. we are so excited to keep working with it. We will be sure to
tell you more.

This week we found a man that we taught a month ago, he is a
helicopter pilot and has lived in many parts. He speaks english
perfectly and we taught him in english, we left him with a book of
mormon, it is very very hard for him to believe that there are chosen
men from god as well as if god is loving why do people suffer. We
asked if we could show him the video "mountains to climb" by elder
henry b erying. We were praying so hard that the spirit could fill
that room, and as it ended he was speechless, the spirit was in the
room he had tears in his eyes and said "wow, last time we just talked
but this time you guys brought the presense of god this time", we
testified that that was the spirit and as we share more he would feel
that more as well take those feelings as his answer that God loves him
and has called chosen men worthy to teach us his will. He gladly
accepted our invitation to come back tomorrow.
We have struggled to have people in church but we continue to work
hard and know he will help these people come.

The spirit testifies of truth for sure, take care this week love you

Love you all

Elder Carter

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