Monday, March 10, 2014

"Weak to confound the wise"

This week was good! A little slower then normal, but we are still
finding some good people, we were happy to see that our branch is
getting excited to do divisions each week wednesdays, so we are
excited for that, it will be perfect to get the members involved with
the new program of MLS (There is a new program here in chile where
they are putting the names of MLS and putting them in a filter of the
public records that tells us where these people really live and its
way awesome! ha MLS is super disorganized here so it will be a huge
tool). We are going to try to get the rest of the branches excited to
do it as well, its amazing how putting a time set each week gets
everyone acting. In our zone our branches have so many great members
excited to help and doing things like these will be a great way to get
to know the members each week as well as a great time to have the
members invite other inactive or less active members to a family home
evening, to get the branch stronger. All members love and are always
willing to open their houses to investigators and other members so we
are excited to use the members even more. But All is well, continuing
to find and work hard. Feeling the spirit guide us, its the best.

This monday as we came back to our house a member that lives nearby
was looking for us telling us our neighbor below us was having water
falll from her roof, we got to her and she just started to freak our
on us, we were able to calm her, we went to our apt, opened the door
and the floor was full of water, luckily we just have tile so it was
easy to clean up. It was just a broken pipe in the bathroom. We were
able to fix it easy and we helped the lady dry up her house, at the
end she was very greatful for helping her. Ha maybe it happened so we
could have a chance to soften her heart with service;) I Feel bad its
so hard to write in my journal each day, Im like 2 weeks behind, I try
to write a summary in my agenda and then try to get something down,
all my mission ive been good at it til the last couple months. but
still trying to get each day something written, I love going back and
reading of what happened, ha luckily my blog can help be another
journal with some details i wouldve missed in my journal. We dont have
to much time when we have free time its pretty short.

We had some pretty sweet experiences this week, some funny as well.
I saw this one house that was super weird, it was a house completely
surrounded by bushes, like a wall of green, and it had a barbed wire
fence in the front like touching the bushes, in the barbed wire fence
it just had a ton of dolls, toys, broken keyboard, and other weird
things attached to the fence just hanging there. A guy was in the
front and I laughed and said to my companion, we so have to talk to
him, As we talked to him it was a huge suprise that he was a very
strange man;) We asked why he had all that stuff there and he told us
if kids every come by he lets them play with the toys, he thought it
was easier then to leave them in the house,  I so have to get a photo
of the house. We just started to talk to him and I new my companion
had to go to the bathroom so I thought it would be funny to enter the
guys house and try to teach him, I tolde the guy we were far from home
and my comp would love it if he could us the bathrrom, he let us in
and it was a super scary entrance, since it was covered in bushes it
was like a tunnel entering his door, then we had to walk down a long
hallway to the back where it was SUPER hot and his girlfriend was
there. We tried teaching him but he would just say inappropriate jokes
(40 year old guy) and started to smoke which in a boiling lava hot
room that made us so dizzy, so we didnt stay very long. But at least
we tried to invite him to learn more:)

We finally had the chance to meet a good amount of less active member
this week which was nice, everyone has been on vacation, the summer
weather is leaving now, ha and like all parts of chile there are 2
seasons, Summer (which lasts 1 month) and winter, so its starting to
get cold again, but just gotta put a jacket on and soon ill get
accostomed again. Everyone says coyhaique is the coldest place in all
our mission, We are in the mountains so it makes sense. But I dont
think Ill be here for winter. Maybe.

But yep, we have been using the book of mormon so much in our
conversations, the book of mormon truly can be brought up in every
conversation and the best and funnest thing to do as a missionary is
to call the attention of the people and then give them something to
test, The book of mormon is the best test we got, I still remember
when I was little I was reading 1 nephi with kristy and she explained
the stories with tons of excitement, she then told me that the truth
of these stories can be tested, after reading moroni 10:3-5 I asked
with tons of excitement of these stories that called my attention were
true. And the spirit testified that night and has ever since as I
testify of this book in chile.

God has given us something so incredible, something so convincing, and
powerful, so that we can call the attention of the world. I know
without a doubt that the book of mormon is one of the greatest tools
to fulfil what paul talked of in 1 corinthians saying
"27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound
the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound
the things which are mighty;"

Love you guys a ton, take care this week

Elder Carter

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