Monday, March 24, 2014

Came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this week was Awesome,
Denny and other investigator finally came to church!!! and he is
progressing immensely, he is the most prepared person I have ever
taught . We really put focus on our baptismal plan with him really
letting him know what he has to do before his baptism. We have been
teaching him so much this week, he has been super busy and he has
really wanted to have time to share with us. so we had lunch with him
thursday and we talked about some commandments and as well he had so
many questions. He is already in 2 nefi 31, and told us he loved it,
he already has the strongest testimony of the book of mormon, he
wanted to talk more that day but didnt have time so he said to come by
at 9 the next night, that night we shared the plan of salvation in a
short time and he understood it all, the spirit was so strong, he
loved it, his eyes were opened to the truth and he wanted to know
more, that night we wanted to stay there longer but we had to go home,
he was bummed as well, the best part was to end he gave the prayer as
we all knelt together with his son as well, as denny began to pray his
son repeated each word, I cant lie the spirit was incredible, there
was no doubt he felt the confirmation that this is whats best for his
son. We all were teary eyed. As he dropped us off he just looked at us
so happy. The next day we had our english class which he also came to
with other investigators. It was way good, im getting better at
teaching english from all the experience of doing it over my mission

As well the divisions with priesthood have been working amazingly,
last week the president of the quorum had the idea of assigning them
to go friday and see the president of the branch in an interview,
interesting idea and it worked, as of now in just this cambio 2
families have reactivated themselves and one hermano that hadnt
assisted for 15 years is now assiting regularly, We are for sure
seeing progress here. We are excited to keep this animo going and we
are liking the excitement we see in the zone. Alto just had a baptism
and we are looking good for the next month,

We sang brillan rayos de clemencia as a priestdhood for a special
number in church and the spirit was so strong, it was cool to have 4
investigators there to feel the power of the spirit as priesthood
quorum came together, our investigators loved it. I love ending the
week dead tired, we worked hard this week. We are making home made
tortillas today for tacos with some investigators, sorry if that makes
you hungry :)

Well we found out our cambio, my comp is leaving, we worked great and
had fun together, now its time to work with my next companion from
argentina, Elder Delgado, I heard he is super awesome so im excited to
keep this momentum and bring people unto christ.In our zone they
opened a sector so we are having to buy all the supplies to put into a
house in aysen (1 hour away from our city) as well we are having 3
missionaries that are going to train in our zone so we will have some
fresh animo.

the picture ill forward you are of denny and his son.

something interesting this week was a dead dog in the street but
instead of clearing it up they just but leaves over it, as well Im not
sure if i ever told u but chile is super nuts about using oil, they
have a whole aisle in the supermercado of oil.... and i took a picture
with the guy that has his dolls in front of his house on his barbed
wire house but ill send it next week,
the gospel is true and i know it, the spirit always testifies to me.

strive to have the spirit in your lives its one of the best blessing
that god can give to us.

love you guys

Elder Carter

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