Monday, April 7, 2014

No earthquakes here...but the

Hey family so yeah dont you worry the earthquake was way way far from
where we are. That night though the signals were all done in
cellphones and in some sectors of our zones still had tsnumai warnings
(more precautionary then anything), president gave us call to call the
sectors next to the coast and it was cool how fast the church reacts
and how precautionary we hare.  so we gave calls to 2 sectors making
sure they were away from tsnunami danger one had to stay in another
house for the night and the others helped a family stay in there
house, nothing happened but they had tsunami warnings down to punta
arenas, my sector is in the mountains so I was fine as well we were
WAYYY far from the earthquake.

So this week was good, Denny loved the conference, he has his
baptismal interview this saturday. As he heard Eyring say the comment
about being invited about missionaries and preparing to be baptized,
he looked at us smiling saying, I know what you guys said now about
the talks speaking directly to you.

Something cool happened this week one of the families that has
completely reactivated ( a young couple (23 and 24)  with 4 children)
called us a couple days ago, simply saying hey we are kinda down could
you pass by to lift us up, before we passed by I had the impression to
buy some alfajores for some reason for them, as we got there We shared
a comforting message of the holy ghost, then once again I got the
impression to ask if they had dedicated there house, they hadnt, and
their eyes beamed with excitement, recieved the dedication and tears
filled their eyes  They said a lot of their plans for the family didnt
work out and had been a terrible week, it was cool to see that now
that they are coming to church again god is going to help them. and
when we got there it was going to be the birthday of one of their
daughters, the small refreshment we left for their daughter and family
was the perfect way to end the visit- they were left with a reminder
that god is always thinking about them.

Personally I loved the conference. I watched 2 in Spanish and 3 in
English, I like it more in english but it was nice watching it with an
investigator that was way cool. It truly is an incredible experience
each time listening to the prophets and apostles they are truly chosen
As well I almost cried after each song of the tabernacle choir mormon.
I truly felt like they were the voices of angels, youll have to ask
bro shcroeder how he feels in those moments.

I loved the talks this time, I thought the comment of Elder Oaks with
regards to women and priesthood authority was interesting.

I got a good laugh of the story of president monson with uchtdorf on
air force one. Dont even think about it uchtdorf!!! haha

Well I dont have my notes but some of my favorites were....

Uchtdorfs dont sleep through the restoration

Christoffersons talk on the resurrection

The counselor of the young mens presidency talk...referring to how we
are the century of choice. And how in one click we could have whatever
our heart desires, and with the powerful question of what does your
heart desire?

As well I loved the repeated principle of being the same person in the
dark and in the light and having courage to stand up for what is

Hollands talk mixed with The prophets was a powerful reminder that we
must stand for what is right and obviously we will face persicution.
I think as well the talk by corbridge touched even more on the topic,
I loved how he said were the huge grey cloud is with tons of
opposition and locura, in the middle of that cloud will be found the
truth. The truth will always have opposition ALWAYS.

As a missionary I just love the simplecity of the messages, these men
come from so many high professions, heart surgeons huge business men,
scholars, etc and they explain the doctrine in the simplest
powerfullest, and most interesting way.

Well I could go on forever but I think you get the idea that I love
the conference and want the conference to be something very important
to me throughout all my life.

I went and splits with a colombiano the other day, he just started the
mission it was cool to be with someone new again, he had an awesome
story of his conversion and had so much excitement.

Well thats all for now this week, The conference made my week, its
sweet being able to apply it now with full time dedication to the
gospel. Have a good week!

Elder Carter

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