Monday, July 1, 2013

The Work and weather are awesome!

Hey family!
This week has been a great week of the work. ha I can honestly say at the end of this week I was mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted but that makes me happy cause that means we are working hard. Its amazing how much you learn on the mission and the pure desire to just give god everything you have so he can bless the lives of others.

We have really seen the hand of the lord in our lives this week, we have found and taught some awesome people this week, it is so cool to know that the lord is always preparing his children we are now teaching a lady where her dad just died and the other missionaries knocked on her door once before when she was having a hard time and the second time when they were having a viewing at her house for her dad that had passed, then they felt impressed to go to the funeral at the catholic church and she loved that and felt the spirit from their support, she called them and found out that she was in my sector so we started to teach her, immediately I saw that she was well prepared before from God and so excited to learn about the restored church of Christ. we saw this interest and immediately invited her to a family night at the church and we talked to some hermanas of the church and they became friends immediately, now that we have this root and confidence in the church we are excited to teach her the fulness of the gospel, we are excited for this week.

I love seeing my new sobrina! thats nuts how you have 2 kids kristy...
and blake you gotta show me a picture of the civic better have put some plastic spinners from wallmart...
that must have been awesome to have gotten to see your nieta and spend time with your nieto mom and dad.
Dad tell bro scofield he is one of my living heros and it was a pleasure to have him as a sunday school teacher. I love that man a ton, after telling me that one story I liked how you related it to the work, here on the work we are subject to many fears, they are different from combat but they are real and happen every day on the mission, talking, knocking on doors, and leading people to the gates of long lasting happiness sounds like a walk in the park but its amazing how many fears, awkward circunstances, sadness that can come your way, but in all that sadness as bro scofield said he had no fear, I have no fear tampoco, as Isaiah said "behold, God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid..."

This past couple weeks have truly been a testimony that god wants us to grow and if we give our all and humble ourselves its possible.

But yeah more then anything this week was a great week. learning a lot from training, its cool how you can have two members of the church that often have different personalities and interests BUT see miracles and enjoy every day of the mission.

take care this week yeah!
OHHHH YEAH! mom I got the package! haha thanks a ton I loved it! the ctr ring fits,,,, thanks a ton!!!!! stoked for the sour patch kids haha
haha oh for something funny super quick.... im a barbie girl song started playing in a food store it was super funny to hear a song in english like that, we made a short music video haha so funny to hear english popular lame songs here in the end of the earth
take care

Elder Carter

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