Monday, July 29, 2013

OYE OYE!!!! buenas tardes!

Oye Oye!
Hows it going family!
Thats super sweet how you guys had a skype session to see the blessing for taylor! ha our family sounds super hip with technology haha hope you guys have a great time in hawaii mom and dad! I didnt know jurassic park was filmed there im sure its going to be beautiful, take a ton of pictures! maybe youll see a dino if your lucky

Bueno... this week has been awesome a lot of cool things have happened. at the beginning of this week we were having a rough day just a ton of people who were super mean at the door haha then there was a video of zions camp that we watched and something that struck me was when he said after a man started to complain was "you will see lords hand on this trip" and as I was thinking about that I got a boost of animo and I felt like I should tell my companion that quote but referring to the mission. After I told him that (after recieving a brutal rejection) we went to a house knocked on the door and started talking to this lady, she was super nice, she was the nieto of one of the menos activo viajitos in our sector, and she said she had shared with the missionaries before, 30 min later we had talked about how god had a plan for us so that our lives can be better and we can find more peace and direction in our lives. She told me she had been going through a hard time, lots of things had happened to her and her friends and family. We gave her a book of mormon giving her some parts we felt inspirted to give her. And she said at this time her husband is never there but would love to meet up at another place, we asked if we could meet in a house of a member and she said no problem, For sure we saw the hand of the lord in our missions.

ha also we got a call from punta arenas two days ago saying there was someone that was going to be assisting church sunday, we called this person and it was a young teenager she is super interested in the church. And the frienshipping went great everyone was super loving, with kids we just need to meet requierements with them to assure that if they were to get baptized they would be able to have a strong base so they dont leave right after. (ha Which is important for every person that decides to get baptized) not worth anything if they dont intend to make this a long lasting change)

Something cool I was reading this week that I really wanted to apply here in natales is in ether when it talks about when the lord talks to the brother of jared, and after the brother of jared is reproved and begins to work and work and do all he can he begins to have points where he needs more help (first the air holes) and he counsels the lord and the lord helps him. Then he does that idea and finds that they have no light. What I love about this part is when he counsels the lord this time the lord says and what should we do about this problem? The lord then tells him dont you worry about the storms and the depths of the sea I will guide you but what do you say of the light?....I think we can all relate with this at one point in our lives when we are asking and recieving guidance and sometimes we hit a point where we must use that great gift of free agency and choose, and after we choose we consult with the lord. The brother of jared brought about stones and said to the lord I know you can do anything and that I am nothing and here is my idea which is fueled off of the faith that you can do anything. And after he made that idea the lord showed himself to him and touched the stones giving light. one by one the lights brightened the vessels. What I love about this is that the lord gives us agency and often times we wont have a forsure answer but as we do the things that we know with surety (reading scriptures, appying simple truths of the doctrine, applying christlike attributes, etc) and make WISE decisions based on what we already know and the nature of christ, we can continue. ha lot of analyzing of 2 chapters of scripture but its so amazing how much we can take out of the scriptures and personal experience as we serve the lord.

ha but all is well we are being super lucky this winter here in natales so far has been super mild. I think I brought a piece of california with me.

But yeah definately I have seen the hand of the lord in my work here in natales, I always get such a great spiritual impression that this branch is going to grow so much in the next years. ha for sure have developed patience in small towns because for some reason the adversary works super hard when a town is tiny and everyone is super interconnected, lots of fun conflicts and personal affairs haha, but with the strong faiths of the few I am stoked to see the future here.

haha how trunky mom! haha that would be way sweet! If you guys can I think that would be super cool to tour parts of chile! There are tons and tons of lugares to choose from.

love you guys take care!

Elder Carter

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