Monday, July 8, 2013

Chillin in Chile ....happy 4th! (Photos)


This week has been awesome. I laughed when I heard about your 4th of july, We remembered for a second that it was fourth of july for a second but then continued studying, I starting humming the national anthem for a bit, it was a sweet one haha. Sounds like you have had a good time there in minnesota. sorry your all sick though that is never to fun. haha I loved the story of dalan being a mascot you shouldve took a video.
 Some things we did this week,
 Well for pday you sometimes run out of things to do so we made a song for our mamita, we made a cover of "Hero" by enrique iglesias, haha it started first in the regular song, then in spanish, "Si Pudiera ser tu heroe! si Pudiera ser tu Dios!" then we changed the lyrics to "Si Comiera con mamita! si tu cuello engordara!" haha we are dorks but we have some fun, we recorded it so you can see it in a year or so.
I have also been playing ping pong every pday and I think God blesses us with a lot of things while we are on the mission because I am recieving the gift of ping pong skills, im not quite up there with the matrix ping pong guys but i can give a nice show haha.
 I have had a nice consistant headache all this week, but it goes away with some ibuprofen. I think more then anything its a good sign though, We are working hard and I have really been trying to grow and get the work going. ha but I need to find a way to get my head to take a chillpill and relax. ha Also have been more tired then I have ever been but also an awesome sign that we are working hard, we are happy and have tons of animo all the day til we hit our pillows ha.
 My testimony of fasts has grown immensely on the mission and I thought Id share a cool story with you guys. We have been teaching this one mujer and she has been progressing great and loves the teachings and the church, BUT we lost contact with her this week and had heard that she has heard rumors and such of us which has swayed her mind, we dont usually believe the rumors but since she wasnt answering our calls we knew something was up. We talked to a hna from the church to call her or pass by to see how she is, she is a friend of her and we thought that would be a better way to see whats going on. Sunday we fasted for her and really really wanted her to progress and to help us have the chance to continue sharing. As we were walking by her house (wihout having plans to pass by) I had this prompting to knock on her house, I thought this was strange because my plan was to just wait til hna danisa talked to her. but it continued to stay with me and I thought about it and then realized I dont need to think any further I just need to act, so I went to knock on her door (also praying that there could be a man there even though she lives alone because if she invites us in we cant enter without a man) and as I knocked a man answered then went to get her and said come come in! all happy...some of her friends from work were there taking once, but she told us to sit down in the front room and talked to us for a bit. We told her that we had the impression to stop by and see how she was and knock on her door. She thought it was interesting cause she said, that is so funny, just a couple min ago before you knocked on my door I talked to hna danisa (the member that we talked to), we thought that was interesting, and she told us that she apologizes she didnt call us because she had a ton of work but also appeared something else happened but we talked of how she was and how were her prayers and then you could see she lighted up again and remembered the number of sweet spiritual experiences that she has already had with us and the compromisos that she has already done. After she said that she wants us to pass by tomorrow (today) to teach her, and then we have a family night planned with hna danisa. It was a complete turn around and she is more excited then ever. We told her we thought it was funny how hna danisa called her then we passed by right after, ha we laughed and let her know it wasnt planned haha. But after we passed by to tell hna danisa that things are good now and she got happy, we let her know that we were very greatful, it is so important after telling a member to do something and when they do it to tell them what happened and tell them that their work in the mission work helped us a ton, then she got excited and started thinking of new things she could do for us. We dont have many members here but we are working with what we got and getting them excited showing them that this rama is a rama that has the lords trust (as you talked about I liked that haha)

But we have had a lot of small miracles this cambio and this week and it is awesome to see, sometimes the days are test of faith but one thing that I love is every day no matter what happens you can learn something and apply it in your life. one study that I had this morning that I really loved is of the 2 ways we apply the atonement, first, is that of forgiveness of our sins, we can be completely cleansed thanks to the atonement when we practice true repentance and live the gospel. It is truly the greatest gift that we have the atonement and one thing I loved from my study is the other part, as I was reading in Alma 31 I loved the prayer that alma gives to his sons and the other great missionaries as they prepare themselves to depart and preach the gospel, the people were very wicked and what he said in his prayers was help us with our weaknesses and strengthen us in the word of chirst and in the last 3 versiculos I love how it talks about how they will be able to withstand all burden due to the atonement of chirst. We need to remember that the atonement is a gift from god and it gives us strength, we need to remember the great atonement of christ, he suffered all afflictions temptations etc for us (alma 7:11-12) and when we have hard times he will give us the strength thanks to the great atoning sacrifice, its so cool to think of the atonement as the only way to perfection ourselves but as well to strengthen ourselves.
 But It was great to here about your trip to minneapolis, haha I loved the picture of the dog peeing thing...thats ridiculos haha the world is truly changing...buena la idea haha i want to see the meeting of when they made the decision and planned that project to make a dog peeing area.
 Ha love you guys a ton, having a great time here, Im lucky the weather has been really nice here in natales we have had a ton of sun its really weird, but hey cant complain. take care this week,
 No haga lo que yo no haria;) haha thats something mom always said to you!

Elder Carter

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