Monday, July 15, 2013

I went to Torres de Paines finally!!! awesome week (Photos)

hey hey!

So this week has been really awesome it was a great way to end this cambio. We found a lot more people and we are continuing to work hard and think of new ways to find and help people. Right now the assignments for inactivos and menos activos is the most important focus for our work, this sunday as a branch we had 5 inactive members return to the church for a simple assignment.

Also for the change in the cambios I will be staying here in Puerto Natales to finish training, also President called me and told me I will be district leader here now, I know the lord will help me though for sure, kinda nervous but excited to grow.

Today we left to torres de Paines! It was so beautiful! unfortunately it was pretty bad weather but still we got to see a ton of cool places, I am going to put some photos on my letter I got some cool ones, one of them is a lake that has a glacier at the end, and some huge chunks of ice (basically icebergs) it was something I have never seen in my life before super sweet, Also there was a ton of guanacos (its like an alpaca but only found in this region) you could walk super close to them and they wouldnt do anything it was awesome. ha fun trip, and usually it costs people 40 mil (80 dollars us) to go. But a member was willing to take us in his car and we had our carnets chilenos so it only costed us 3 mil each (6 dollars us) super sweet. and it is only a 1 hour and a half away.

This week we had had some awesome experiences, one was an assignment that the other sector did to an older member of the church that hadnt assisted for a long time, they asked him to bring the bread to church and a member was going to go to pick him up but we left a little a late and when we got to his house his spouse said that he left walking (and he is an older man) we then looked in the roads trying to find him, when we found him I got pretty emotional, he was breathing super hard, had the sacrament bread in his hand, and his book of mormon in the other, after not assisting for a time he was ready and determined. When we got to the church me and elder vasquez took out the bread to prepare the table and as we touched the bread it was hot still, we realize it was just fresh out of the oven, this bread was made that morning especially for the sacrament. I was touched by that old man and as we partook of the sacrament he could know that we had the opportunity to renew our convenants of baptism for part of him.

Thanks for the photos of Taylor! I have been praying for her and you guys so she continues to grow strong. I have been praying for a family a ton and am super greatful for you all. 

For training its cool how much ive learned, the faith of someone really starts strong and powerful and I never want to lose that. The lord has helped us both realize what it takes to bring happines to others and do it efficiently as possible.

But yeah here are some photos, pray for you guys always, the mission is awesome, its amazing what the lord can do for us individually and our loved ones.
Chow chow!

Elder Carter

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