Monday, June 24, 2013

Hey friends and family! Congrats on the baby kristy!

Hey! Congrats Kristy and Dalan!!! Im stoked to see taylor all grown up in one year haha. thats so awesome. Hows it going Elder Farrow!?
Also hey Brent and Audrey!!! Digame! donde esta sirviendo su padre!?
Landon! como esta BYU Provo? Echa de menos Idaho y las papas? jaja
Como esta hermanito (blake)?? como esta la paga (trabajo) ha aprendido mucho espaƱol? espero que sepa mucho para que podamos ir a mexico cuando yo vuelva. Les quiero!

pero amigitos escribanme para que yo sepa uds estan vivos  y para que tenga algo differente para leer haha aun que me encanta las cartas de mi papa y mama. ;)

so this week we head down to Punta Arenas for our interviews, president rappleye put enfasis in a new program we recieved a month ago from the area authority (recieved revelation from a discurso of the prophet and got inspired to do this program) we were able to finally get it approved in our branch and it is a program of assignments for less active, and inactive members to give them a small assignment (not calling dependent on worthiness) and we will be keeping track on a chart of how many have come, of our both sectors we have already assigned 5 people and 2 have already assisted. It is a simple yet effective new program, then I was suprised and loved the broadcast last night it was a huge step in the work, and I laughed at how the revelation by our area authority to do that program was approved by the Prophet and 12, and now they come out with this which is basically the exact same thing world wide. So I was stoked this will be awesome. Got some work to do now.

So other things that went on this week is we had an awesome lesson!
Remember that lesson we had with our investigators last week? I had no idea what was going to happen at our next lesson and I was thinking all week of what we could teach them, I recieved nothing and then at the last moment that morning I recieved a response to just read something that you like from the book of mormon, we prepared an outline reading 3 scriptures from when Christ came to the americas and established his church, before we entered I was nervous and really just wanted to have a spiritual lesson, my comp asked if we should pray before I agreed and then we entered, the lesson went really well, we actually asked if they read and fani who always reads said no, and hernan who not so often reads said he did, and he liked what he read, He is one of the investigatores that loves the bible and always from the start didnt show much interest in the bom, more then anything trying to find something that was contrary to the bible, THEN he just happened to read in 2nefi 27-31 and it was filled with all things he needed to know, He told me, you know I read and I learned that god can give us other scripture, who are we to say that god cant give us more. I couldnt believe it, I finally saw a change I didnt think I couldve seen and it happened because of the book of mormon, we continued to share what we had then he told me, you know, when you guys first came I just wanted hear good things and cause I already had my bible, but now I realize I was on a search that I didnt know I was on, and I was searching for this book, the book of mormon, that was the first time ive heard anything like that before and I remember the first time we taught them with my other companion, I told him they are hard, but idk this family has a face of a mormon. We are excited to continue to teach them about how we can gain blessings and a testimony of our savior jesus christ in ways we never thought we could imagine. The lord really does prepare his children.

For the training its coming along great, I like this program they give us and we are working hard, I have come down with a small cold and that really is taking a toll, training has already really worked my brain, but I will care for my body and do what I can to keep going strong. Its amazing what the lord can do for his servants. I have really been focussing hard and have already learned so much from this experience. One thing we are working on right now is how I can help my comp talk in lessons, he has the oppurtunity to testify but I have been really thinking of ways I can speed his progress, we have been taking on many new different practices and methods of learning and are going to see how it works, ha what I love about the mission is you can always try new things and you have so many opportunities to measure and see if it works or not.

hmm here are some photos of me, right now the weather is super beautiful its weird their are 3 days here every winter where the weather is perfect and beautiful, but here is a photo of when it snowed a ton this week. but hey! check out as well this one website called it is a website where you can see a live cam of puerto natales where im at....this guy at the ciber told us it was cool so Ill let you check it out for me since I cant haha

and the other is in punta arenas.... basically the end of the world, that place is called cerro la cruz

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