Monday, July 22, 2013

Mi semana fue buena! hola hola buenas buenas!


Oh man this week was filled with some great stories,ha I think I am officially immune to weird stuff,I was reliving los muermos all over again, we ran into so many borrachos (drunks) this week, yesterday I think was the best story so I will tell you it, as we were walking down one street a lady called me, screaming come come come!, We came back to her and asked what she wanted, she said come in come in, she was kinda acting weird but I just thought she was a weird lady that had a weird accent. I asked if there was a man in the house and she said yeah, then I asked again and she said yeah yeah yeah! look! and I thought it was an emergency so we went in and saw her husband or something, and he started to say, NO NO NO! and then the lady said, no! look! no! yeah! YEAH!.... and yeah as you are confused right now I was super confused, then she poured us a glass of soda but had wine right next to it so we didnt drink it just based on the circunstances. But then I asked why she called us but they were impossible to understand they were just mumbling, I then realized we entered a house of an older couple that was completely drunk ha. They werent violent or anything (ha dont worry mom;) ) but just super weird ones,  so I just told them we had to leave and got up, but as we were leaving the lady screamed no no no and tried to get us not to leave!!! so we started leaving faster but escaped. But yeah that was a pretty crazy experience. I made a joke with my comp saying, I dont think the MTC has a class to prep you for something like that.

But yeah we had to learn something this week from drunks because in 2 other lessons we had a drunk family member come in the room and sat down and ruined the lesson, but actually one of the experiences was super spiritual, the families get super embarrassed when it happens but Its a great time to testify them how the gospel helps families come more together and have peace during difficult times.

This week was a great week though, we are all excited for the work. We have really been thinking about new assignments we can do and looking for new menos activos. One thing I love is what Eyring asked another apostle once (ha dont remember exactly right now) but the secret to recieve revelation is to do your hw (as quoted by callister in his talk in priesthood session, The priesthood in a boy), and I love that because the way we receive more is if we really look thoroughly using good resources. This cambio is going to be a great one, I have learned through great experience its amazing what good animo does for a district and to show by example. I always remember what blake told me about his work, he told me he not once sits there commanding them... he is doing the work as well, and I know without a doubt when we apply the things that make us a good missionary, humble ourselves, and do the work with a smile great blessings and revelations are headed our way. One thing I love from the mission is you get missionaries from all places and types, with different strengths and weaknesses, and as we apply each strengths and always yearn to develop ourselves with faith in the lord we will find success.

haha loved all the pictures, taylor is precious, ha sounds like a lot of work, but super fulfilling, definately a testimony builder for the love our parents.

thanks for all the emails...ha reading whatever is fun, even the trials of kitchen table shopping haha. Im enjoying the work a ton, its a pleasure to serve our lord every day.
Ill let you know about the you guys

Elder Carter

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