Monday, August 5, 2013

OYE! hey hey! (Photos)

Hey family and friends!
This week has been super awesome. We had a conference all the way in punta arenas again so that was a fun 3hr bus trip. But it was such an amazing conference. Every time our president talks the spirit is super strong. We learned some sweet things to apply for our nice little branch here in puerto natales. HOW YOU DOING EVERYONE!? COMO ESTAN EN SUS MISIONES!? haha I couldnt find my address book for awhile but I found a lot of you. we cant send personal letters so here you are on my letter to the family. Send me a little email or something! Sorry I havent written letters we never have times and it takes so long to get there and back much easier correo.

But yeah awesome week! the weather is super great here in natales which is super weird, it snowed a lot last month but this month its cold in the night but theres been no rain or snow and in the day its pretty nice actually. I bought my first MATE! im stoked, ha cant drink out of it til after the mission but im officially chileno stoked.
We have found some awesome people this week!!!!
There is this one kid 18 years old that assisted this week at church, he is (was) the boyfriend of someone in our branch. but not anymore haha but came still. I laughed because it would be kinda akward for a breakup in a branch with 30 people but hey if thats not a sign of true intention then I dont know what is. This guy is awesome though, Also we are giving a ton of assignments to those that are inactive or menos activo, one we gave this week was to our recent convert. Super awesome guy but due to his family its complicated. But we asked him to accompany us to the class of principios of evangelio and bore his testimony. Also during priesthood I gave a little obra misional lesson using a list our president gave us for ways the members can be more part of the work. We are going to start telling our obra misional stories every week. This branch has so many awesome members and the spirit is so strong. One thing I was really thinking about is how we can help them remember that this church here isnt just a building it is a piece of the kingdom of god here on earth. Some things I told them they could do was to read the book of mormon in public places or at there work in off times just so people ask them. I also told them to try to think of how they could summarize what they believe in a min or 2 if they ever have the chance. We talked about even more but dont have time to tell you them all ha. But they were excited to try simple ways. We dont have much members that can help us but its amazing what the lord can help you do with so little.

Another cool experience was we went to the hospital because the spouse of one of our members was sick (not a member) and we got to give a blessing. I had such a sweet spiritual experience. It was amazing how strong the spirit was as we blessed her. Ha the hospital room here have 10 people in the same room so it was interesting. Ha I know why we have a rule not to go to the hospital looking for opurtunities to give blessings because after seeing all the old and sick people I wanted to help them all and we wouldve never left the hospital.

Im really excited with our district though we are finding awesome people and getting things going. ha thanks for all the stories mom and dad. haha even some more interesting ones like the stretchy yoga man and lusks dog problems. hah always a delight to read.

here is a photo of the coast of my sector ha not sure if i sent this one but here!

Me encanta la mision, YO Se que nuestro Salvador vive! learning so much about how much love he has for us and the rest of his children. scripture of the week...........................mateo 7:7 works pretty good :)

Elder Carter

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