Monday, May 19, 2014

Last conference with president

Hey Family! so this week was awesome, I dont think its possible for
their to be a fire here because it has rained every single day this
week. We had some interesting things happen. I had had sinus problems
all week but that didnt keep me from working. Friday we had our last
zone conference with president rappleye ad it was incredible, We
talked about a lot of things but I think the coolest thing that
happened was he told us a story about how for his work he felt
impressed to take an job offer in brazil, he and his wife felt
impressed to go there. While they were there his boss told him he
would be transferred to go to the dominican republic in charge of the
caribean having to travel to all islands nearby (haiti jamaica, etc)
He looked in the directory of the church to find santo domingo,
domincan republic but it didnt appear he realized that the church
didnt exist there and he got worried, When he got there the second day
he went to pick up his bags from the airport and when he was there a
hermana talked to him in english (this was weird because they talk
spanish there) and asked if he was mormon. He found out that this
family just had moved here from the states and were all mormon, he
called the mission president from florida and got permission to start
a branch because they had 2 melquisedec priesthood holders, they bagan
to share the gospel with friends and one of which was incredibly
prepared, the joven of the family read the book of mormon and
remembered all stories telling him about lehis dream, later that
family got baptized. This was just one small story that happened
there. Later other member familys showed up from the states and could
help support leadership, they had tons of success from family nights,
Then our president kept asking for missionaries and finally they sent
10 to the island. They used the radio and tv program to tell the
island that there was the church because no one there had heard of it.
The telephones there began to ring off the hook with people interested
in the church. For interest of time ill get to the end, mas o menos 3
years later the church had grown to have 18 mas o menos branches and
tons and tons of leaders, elder ballard came to dedicate the country
for mission work, one other cool part was presdient rappleye was
having dificulties having to travel to all these branches and dealing
with the tithing and other administrative work, he prayed that someone
could help but didnt know anyone on the island who could. The very
next day the missionarys called and asked if president had met a new
family that moved to the country from the states. He went immediately
to meet him and his family was members but he wasnt (he was the dad)
he asked him why he came and he said he didnt know why they moved, but
he spoke spanish, and he was an accountant. He got baptized and
overlooked the tithing and other asuntos of all of the country. Its
truly incredible how God has his hand in the work.   I have a
testimony of that here as well that when God needs to hasten his work
he   does it, now the question is are we doing are part to be ready
when God works these miracles?

But on the part of here in the sector we had a division with the APs
they are both my last 2 companions hahah I was stoked to go with elder
salazar we were together for 2 cambios and it was some of the best
months of my mission. That night we put someone with a baptismal date
the first night we found them. It was sweet to work with him again and
to talk. Hes the one I would love to visit in argentina if we ever
come back to chile.
We had some amazing lessons with some members as well. One for example
was last night we entered a house of a member to say hi and they
happened to have 2 friends visiting and there grandma that isnt a
member, we just talked for a bit and there friends were COMPLETELY
CLOSED, we laughed together then thought to just sing a hymn, we sang
the hymn and it just felt right to ask if we could pray, we prayed and
it just felt right to share a small scripture. After we shared the
scripture, we asked when we could have a family night and they said
they didnt know maybe in the next month. Then they started asking
questions one saying she didnt understand a word we said and didnt
understand the message. We then felt impressed to answer her doubts
and teach the restauration, I think it was one of the times were a
felt most the spirit saying the first vision and everyones eyes
watched us with 100% of their attention. They had questions and
excitement, we then testified of this truth and asked when we could
have that family night with their friends. The member jumped up with
excitement and began to look at the calendar the grandma said next
week next week! excited to hear more of the message. The friend said
she would love to come and learn more. So... this wednesday we will
share more.

But I just have a strong testimony that this message we bring is
something we need to share with confidence and boldly without fear.
Then simply tell them now this is my testimony, we cant give you our
testimony but we can give you the opportunity to gain your own, cause
if this message is true, it would change your lives. We have guidance
from God from a modern day prophet, and the authority of  God to teach
us what we need to do and allow us to have have peace in this life and
in the life to come. Its true or its not. And it all starts with
hearing this message, pondering it, and asking god if its true.

Take care this week and hope theres not more fires! ha love the
pictures thats crazy
Elder Carter

a member is a carpenter that makes caskets, I get kinda creeped out in

his workshop haha

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