Monday, May 5, 2014

ME VOY a Lanco....great memories made here in Coyhaique

This week was super sweet, Denny got confirmed a member of the church
sunday and was super super happy. I was so stoked, it was fast sunday
and I bore my testimony of how god truly perpares people it was a very
emotional/spiritual moment.

Well we have cambios once again and I am heading to the city of Lanco!
 they just split the Zone Lanco in two and I will be in the Zone Los
Lagos. My companion is going to be a brazilian named Elder Da Silva I
already know him from earlier on in the mission he was awesome. Ha he
helped me before learn portuguese so this cambio will be fun learning
more. The mission is growing immensely its crazy. There are soooo many
more missionaries in the mission in comparison to when I started. Its
crazy how much has changed ever since what happened my first sunday
here in chile when president monson dropped the age requirements. Did
you know that Weston Joyce  a friend of mine from our stake that was a
freshman when I was a junior is here in the mission I talked to him
the other day haha how cool.

We did something fun this week, one of the recent converts was telling
us of his fear of talking and giving prayers in church. So the thought
came to our mind to practice. We assigned each other a topic and one
during this week we met up at the church and he had the chance to give
his talk in front of us. I thought it was so cool, he came all
prepared with his scriptures and talk in hand and loved the idea. He
truly wants to get better. He is a more serious military guy but with
us and everyone he is actually a man with a big heart. As he gave his
talk he was super super nervous at first but as he talked the spirit
began to calm his nerves and he gave an amazing talk on the faith.
After we talked about how it went. This experience gave me a strong
impression that it would be so cool if the church had a form of
toastmasters to help people give talks in church. I got all excited
with the thought cause I loved my public speaking classes and giving
talks. I feel like that would be something cool we could try to start
dad. Think of what that could do for the church, improve the quality
of sacrament meetings and give an opportunity for members to progress.

We also had the opportunity to bring a investigator and her kids,
cousin, and her cousins daughter to the baptismal service in the
building of the other missionaries of the city. We had a member pick
us up and we were super super excited. But it didnt go so well as we
expected because it wasnt organized very well and the service started
45 minutes late waiting for a representative from the presidency of
the branch. The investigator got a little impacient. Luckily the
meeting went well and the spirit was way strong during the baptism and
when the lady that got baptized testified, at the end the investigator
said "It was super long, but beautiful" We just need to help her
continue to feel the spirit and teach her in short lessons.

Today we are going to make a american breakfast with one of the
members we are soooo excited, with the fruit salad grandma carter
always made(mayo and honey haha) , pancakes, BACON, Eggs with bell
peppers, etc. These type of breakfasts dont exist in chile so we are
going to have a nice feast ha.

But yeah bummed to leave coyhaique I loved the branch here, the
members are incredible, and I had the chance to see many numerous
members reactivate and investigators come unto christ. As well gain a
testiomony that there are people incredibly prepared by God. Take care
this week:)

Elder Carter

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