Monday, May 12, 2014

Awesome skype sesh, love you mom and family!

Hey Family! It was great talking with you guys yesterday, all is well
here in lanco, I forgot my umbrella in the airport wednesday :( but
hna rappleye was nice and let me have a used one that someone left in
the mission home. Its pretty ghetto and I look like mary poppins using
it but im dry :) Im feeling better today... I am just stoked to get
working in the sector its tough being sick right when you get in the
sector cause you just have so much excitement of finding and meeting
all the people. This thursday we have the last conference with
president Rappleye. Its crazy that he is leaving, im sure its going to
be a good one. Had an awesome talk with the new president of the
branch here, he has tons of excitement for the branch and we are going
to try to get things going strong here. I love working in small
branches, its so cool how the church can teach the same thing in all
of the world, the manuals we have and the way it is organized works so
well. Every now and then people in classes teach things a little off
but with the leaders, manuals, and scriptures everything gets right
back on track.

Im so greatful for the blessing god gives me to serve him every day,
and each day I learn so much about how I can become more like Jesus
Christ, as well as be more prepared for my life. I know without a
doubt that there are people like denny just waiting for us to share
this message with them. And I will give it all I got each day. When
Denny gave me the book of mormon that we left with him the first day
filled with his notes and testimony it was one of the best gifts Ive
recieved in my life. I left him with the mission guide, "Preach my
gospel" with my testimony that now that he knows the truth its his
turn to share it with everyone he knows, especially his family and
friends. As well I left him with the picture from his baptism in a
picture frame so he can always remember that day. Excited to let you
know how the week goes!
Take Care

Elder Carter

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