Monday, April 28, 2014

Amazing week...Baptism of Denny:) etc

 WOW what a week to remember. Denny and Hectors (investigator of the
hermanas) baptism was one of the greatest moments of my life. There
was one of the best attendances of a baptismal service ive ever seen.
We had the family sanchez give a triple to denny with their
testimonies and as well  we had Sister donoso give a himnario with her
testimony so he could remember more the service. since she helped us
with the special number (We sang 2 primamry hymns "cuando me bautice"
y "El bautismo". We had such great support from the branch as well the
other elders from alto had their investigator giovanni who will be
baptized next saturday. The spirit filled that room. It was my first
time baptizing someone so that was amazing to have been able to find
Denny and be part of the start of his journey. Denny and Hector both
had the chance to testify at the end, and the spirit was incredible.
Denny said that that day was one of the best days of his life and he
knows that this is only the beginning. As he testified that he knows
that this is the true church and how much love he felt from the
members, it was a very emotional time. I got very emotional as his son
sang with us the last hymn (we thank thee o god for our prophet" (de
damos señor nuestras gracias)  After the members swarmed immediately
to them and welcomed him and congratulated them with his great desire
to come unto christ. There was a ton of investigators there and no one
could deny the presence of the spirit in that service.

ha but thats not all rewinding a bit in the week we had interviews
this week friday with president it was going to be the last time
having an interview with him (he ends in june and next transfer we
will be having a zone conference with him (we switch each cambio) )
The day they came in the morning we made sure everything was good and
at the time of lunch I asked president what him and his wife were
going to do for lunch, he asked me if I know of a good place and
mentioned this pizza place thats pretty expensive that I heard was
good (I had never went because its to much for a missionary) he said
hmm sounds good, as he was leaving he asked if we were going to eat
with the mamita that day, we were so I couldnt lie and said yeah we
are we are good... as they started to leave we had the biggest desire
to eat with president so I looked at my companion and we both thought
the same thing, haha we ran out to the car and I called president and
said wait! could we go with you president? I made a lame excuse that
we were in intercambios and another elder was going to go to our house
with the other elders but he saw I was just tryign to justify and said
he didnt understand my reason. I realized that I was just tryign to
find a reason and finally said Really I dont have a good reason I just
want to eat with you guys. he laughed and smiled and said hop in. We
ended up having an awesome lunch with him and his wife with all you
can eat pizza. He told us some awesome stories of when he was regional
manager of bridgestone tires. After we returned for our interviews.

This was one of the best interviews I had on the mission, we talked
about the sweet experiences weve had with denny, then we had an
awesome interview of the greatest success on the mission is who I am
in 20 years. I talked about the things the most I had learned on the
mission and it made me realize how much I have been able to progress
here on the mission. After we had a meeting with him and the president
of the district and there they talked about the district conference
(like stake conference) and president found out there he would be
talking 4 hours in total the next 2 days. We asked him earlier if he
would like to accompany us that night to visit and teach denny and
thought that more than likely he would have no time due to all the
talks he would need to plan. But he still wanted to, him and hermana
rappleye came with us to teach denny! it was one of the coolest
lessons, I think there are no other 2 people better to support your
teachings with their testimonies and thoughts. We taught about
obedience and mission work. At the end it was a moment very special,
as we left denny said to president thank you for sending these young
men here and for all you do with tears in his eyes. I was so greatful
for that moment, we took a picture all together (below)

The next days was the district conference which was awesome the first
talk president gave was more intereactive his wife drew the plan of
salvation and with the help of all the members there we taught the
plan of salvation, with some insights that I never had thought before,
the spirit was truly there. My favorite part was when president
rappleye said and to recieve the grace of god in this life and have
success we must... and said "missionaries to feet... follow the lord"
( in that moment without even saying 1...2...3...all the missionaries
(18 in total stood up and said  our missionary purpose (follow the
lord, invite others to come unto christ by helping them recieve the
restored gospel through faith in jesus christ and his atonement,
repentance, baptism, recieving the gift of the holy ghost and enduring
to the end) that we had all learned in the mtc and recite in our
meetings. The spirit filled the room and the truth and importance of
our purpose. to end the last hymn as I sang I was so proud to be a
member and missionary of our church. I teared up in the song "pueblo
de sion"

Ending this week last night I fell right to sleep, Im very certain
that spiritual moments cause fatigue. There were more experiences this
week but to sum up the week I am so greatful to serve the lord and
each day I feel closer and closer to our savior.

So its coming to that time of skypeing for mothers day so let me know
what time works best for you guys. Love you guys a ton:) Im so
greatful for being able to find people like denny that are so prepared
to hear the gospel. next sunday he will be recieving the gift of the
holy ghost.
love you guys,

Elder Carter

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