Monday, April 21, 2014

Baptism this Sunday!

Hey! So this week was awesome. Denny had his baptismal interview today
and he is stoked for his baptism, president rappleye will be coming
this weekend for a district conference so we had to change the baptism
for sunday instead of saturday and he will get confirmed next week. He
asked if I could be the one to baptize him so that will be a very
sweet spiritual experience. It was so cool to see how excited he is to
start this new life.

As well we have been finding and teaching some awesome people. We are
taking the counsel from ballard and carrying our preach my gospels
during the day. We have been sharing our thoughts with the members and
applying the things we learn with them, we went to a family and read
the quote of gordon b hinckley reading a letter from a recent convert
that didnt get welcomed good, then we got them excited about a tour
they were going to help us with in the church, They all gave their
ideas and applied what we read in preach my gospel, that night they
all came and became the tour guides for an investigator we have that
is 23 years old. The investigator loved the tour and the family with
their kids in all beamed with a spirit of mission work.

As well we had a intercambio with the elders in aysen I stayed in our
sector. I was stoked for that day but unfortunately ALL our
appointments fell and it poured rain, but we still tried to make
something of the day and at the end didnt end to bad, to raise our
spirits we ate a box of trix, ha one of the only gringo brands of
cereal here.

Im starting to talk with a little bit of an accent from
cordoba,argentina, they alongate there words sometimes saying
cordooobes or delgaaado not sure how to explain it but its kinda
funny, im sure when I come home all the hispanics will be confused
where I come from, (gringo chileno argentino honduraƱo guatamalteco

Tonight we were thinking about talking with the lider misional of the
district to consider him capicatating the mission leaders to help them
magnify their calling, We are having cordination meeting and we feel
our meetings arent efficient they are becoming more story circles of
our investigators, I think a meeting with them and the lider misional
of the district can make a good impact to help them know how to
magnify their calling. We have been having great progress with El
Rescate and we we really want to assure that the leaders as well are
ready to do their part,

Im so greatful for the love the savior has for us. This easter was
awesome, they dont do much eggs or bunnys here, but for sunday we had
lunch with the president of the branch, the wife gave us a alfajor
with a design on top of a bunny I thought that was cool. The culture
here for easter is very catholic, they celebrate the holy week, and
dont eat meat during this week, ha but there wasnt much who abided by
it. each day has a special thing the catholic church does. We watched
a video in church called gracias a el (thanks to him) it was pretty
sweet its on gave me goosebumps haha. super excited for
this weekend (interviews, district conference and the baptism)

Thanks for all your love and support, I can truly tell you all that I
know that my savior lives and loves me, and that as we live the gospel
its possible.

In one of our lessons we read the chapter 27 of 3 nefi, she didnt
understand it very well but I gave the example of a house to explain
the gospel of christ to explain baptism. Being imperfect people we all
sin, so you can say we are like a house that needs to be clean, the
gospel is the teachings and tools to clean it. But to really start
this cleaning god wants us to clean ourselves completely of sin or in
this sense it would be a down clean on the house, and understand how
to clean, Then each day we have to live the teachings of christ or "
tidy up the house" and give our house a weekly cleaning as well (the
sacrament). But you dont have to worry that your house will get dirty
again because after you give it a down clean (baptism) it is much much
easier to mantain it, because we have all the teachings of christ to
apply each day as well the help from the spirit.

ha kinda hard to explain it in a email but she understood the
scripture. With a lot of people that dont come from strong religious
backgrounds its incredible how many ways you can help them understand
the message and feel the spirit.

But hey take care this week!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM AND DAD! I know they are both close to each other
haha im sorry being far away makes it hard to remember things

Love you

Elder Carter

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