Monday, April 14, 2014

Following spiritual impressions, running, and tacos (Photos)

Denny is leaving for semana santa so he wont be able to get baptized
this saturday BUT the next weekend he will be getting baptized for
sure, ha he is super excited. We will more then likely be having 3 all
in the same day for the zone here in coyhaique and are wanting to do
them all together. Denny as well as the other 2 are very excited to
enter the gates of baptism. I laughed because he obeys the
commandments even before we tell him the blessings and promises, he
just knows its true.

We have also been very guided by the spirit. We found one family that
hasnt been in contact with missionaries for 20 years and came to
church with her son that is 25. It was interesting because we found
them by a reference from an investigator that thought she could
benefit from the gospel (not knowing she wasnt mormon), and if we
didnt recieve the dirrection i dont think any missionary would know
how to get to the house it was super hidden.  She has been passing for
a lot of dificulties The church members gave great friendship. We took
a picture in our gospel principles class! Denny the hermana that hasnt
come for 20 years and some others were there, it was a awesome class,
I love our gospel principles class.  We had branch council yesterday
and I feel we are working very well with our leaders. It was very
productive and everything is based upon our branches mission goals. We
have also have been finding great people in our sector and are just
trying to be the best examples for our zone. We feel the zone us
seeing the hand of the lord and everyones excited to work. Loving the
work here, we feel things are becoming very unified.

One other sweet story is we were walking up a steep hill to a less
active family, as we passed by we saw a family all smoking together, I
thought how sad it was that that was there way to bond, the family
wasnt there so we began to walk down the steep hill, my companion
looked at me and said, hey elder i have this impression that we need
to talk to that family that was smoking, they were way far away, he
said "now or tomorrow?" I said now, and he agreed, we went and all the
family kinda left except the daugther, but she was way receptive in it
wasnt weird that we returned to just talk to them, as we talked to her
for a bit we explained we felt that we need to talk to her and she
commented that her brother had drowned last month and she has been
stuggling to know why god would take away her brother of 17, we shared
the plan of salvation for a bit and the spirit was there, its
incredible to know that God cares for all his children and wants all
to know that he loves them and has a perfect plan for them.

Today we are going to be eating tacos with a member and denny, we are
stoked, ha they never eat tacos here so we always just make them with
members, showing them the greatness of tacos;)

Ive been running almost every morning with my comp, its freezing cold
in the morning and I always get a headache but its worth it... i put
some pictures.... one of principios del evangelio... one of me almost
going out to run....and one with me and my comp

Love you all a ton!

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