Monday, September 2, 2013

New Place! como esta

Hey Hey Family!!!!
So this week was sure a change ha.
It was super hard saying goodbye to my last sector, I really fell in love with that place and I really got to learn so much and see the lords hand in the work. Actually that lunes before I left the branch held a family night for me and elder bate who both left. Some bore there testimonies of Jesus Christ to us and the rest and talked about some experiences we had with them. It was super emotional. We got to take a ton of pictures with everyone and some gave me some gifts, one of which was a hat knitted by wool from a shape, (right off not fabricated) still smelt like sheep ha, it was hard when I began to see some cry and I began to cry as well, after 6 months there it really became a home that I will always remember. hah some promised to let us stay in there houses and other is a guide to torres de paine and told us he would take us on the best tur possible with you guys if we ever go back there. We have a couple baptisms there in the next month but I wont be able to see them.
But here I am in puerto Mont again!!!!
haha I cant lie im kinda sector sick (kinda like home sick but for my last sector) but that will soon fade forsure. Im in a huge ward! the culture is super different here but im getting used to it slowly. But there are some super nice members here. My district has 6 missionaries including me and my comp, ha 2 of them are the hermana lideres (like AP of the sisters) ha so thats different. We are all missionaries for this ward. It has been a week of work thats for sure, Im finishing the second half of the training for my comp, its a interesting challenge cause being more new he doesnt really remember where any one is really so its been a lot of work but still just going at it with excitement, excited to see how God helps us out here. ha Our shower us heated by gas tanks like that we use for bbq and we ran out of it because we live with 4 elders so so far all my showers have been super cold:( hahah but great way to wake me up in the morning:) I am excited to see what we can do in this sector, ha havent lived in a ward ever on the mission its super different! but one thing that will take time to get used to is that there are a lot more leadership and I dont have to do tithing and all that good stuff, just pure mission work ha, so thats sweet. But yeah awesome stories! love to hear from all of you.

One cool thing that happened this week was we entered a house and as we were teaching I just really felt as though the spirit was teaching haha I know that sounds like something very normal for a missionary but I just thought Id say how much I love to have the gift of the spirit to help me ask inspired questions. We are truly truly blessed.

I got to talk to the missionaries of los muermos and here how its doing, they arent in my district so I cant have intercambios there but maybe Ill have a chance to visit. the weather right now is pretty nice back to 100% humidity here but ha gotta love it.
I love serving and im way greatful that God gives us changes in our lives so that we can learn and overcome them. Its so cool how much we can learn as we have to adapt to knew surroundings, cultures, people, cold showers, and as we embrace the change with the gospel we are super blessed and see the miracles and blessings that come to those that endure to the end.

Well hope all is well, Ill have more to say for next week, excited to get this place going and to serve God,
So greatful I have the gospel in my life, There is no doubt in my mind that it is true. Que este muy bien this week love you mom and dad and the rest!!!!

Elder Carter

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