Monday, September 16, 2013

FELIZ 18 de SEPTIEMBRE!!!! (Photos)

Hey Hey!
So this week has been pretty sweet, ha tons and tons of animo, this upcoming week will be 18 de septiembre, HUGE HUGE holiday here in Chile, its like our 4th of july but even bigger, they celebrate for 3 days and its called the fiestas patrias.
This week has been super good, a lot of rain at the beginning haha like always but then it got sunny the rest of the week and im sumburnt now hah super bipolar weather. But was a super great week, im for sure learning so much here in on the mission.

For starters the truth of things is in our sector we dont have too much regarding investigatores so it was a week filled with tons of contacts and capicitating members. ha but I loved it, and I know your probably saying oh no elder carter is going crazy he is enjoying a slower week, BUT! I did enjoy it in many ways and here is why,

1. The Atonement, every single thing that we testify and talk to people revolves around it, and reading the talk by holland, Missionary Work and the Atonement, I have been inspired, one thing I love he states is that in order to really learn and appreciate the atonement is to expereience a part of it, (now as holland said not comparing difficulties on the mission to be anywhere close to what he paid) but he suffered for a purpose and thats for the opposicion that is oh so essencial in our life for eternal growth. So as we were recieved poorly or someone made a cheesy gringo joke we continued and smiled knowing these experiences we will carry forever and will help us on that journey to eternal life.

2. Faith, Faith is gift from God, a hope for something not seen, and comes after the trial of our faith, 2 great examples of the trial of our faith would be one our district had a baptism this weekend but as we were filling the font and had all the plans we got a call from the person that was going to get baptized and canceled, so instead of the baptism we just had to get out and put on a smile and get working :) I think a even simpler one would be this sunday when we found out we were going to be eating lunch with a fun family that sunday, but then to our suprise a sister from the church made us a bag lunch, she was a poorer lady and it was a very humble meal we had to take it home and eat it by ourselves, that change humbled me immensely and as I put away my natural desire I thanked the hermana and enjoyed that meal immensely at the house with a smile, I was so greatful for that hna that made us the food, small things happen every day that test our faith and help us grow, it is up to our decisiones when no one is watching that will help strengthen our virtue, also if God answered every one of our missionary pleads for miracles then how would we learn diligence, patience and well almost all of the atributes of christ, These times on the mission have taught me that God is our Heavenly Father and He knows what we need, as we do his will eternal blessing come our way. So although we cant see the success we know it comes thanks to the faith in our savior jesus christ.

3 Anxiously engaged in a good cause- ha obviously all these things have so much in common but one thing I love about the mission is we truly have sooooo much things we can do to bring us more success and invite the spirit, its endless, in our lives as we are anxiously engaged to do good things we reciece more blessings, this sunday we really really just wanted to find progressing investigators and so we fasted and that day God blessed us with some amazing contacts and a the opportunity to teach one family of our churchs neighbor with the members. I am so greatful for the plan of God and how he has planned for us to learn.

This week we will be helping to prepare for the 18 de septiembre party that the ward will be having, tons of empanadas and so on, ill be sure to take tons of photos:)
One of these photos is from the intercambio we had as missionaries this elder is from peru, I ordered pizza for my first time on the mission, (ha never lived in the city so never could)

but that is awesome for fred sounds like he is doing amazing!!!!! ha mormon night at mission hills.
ha mom sorry I cant think of really anything I need for christmas but if I think of something I will tell you :)

love you guys so much I am so so so so greatful for our family, got the program with my pictures from the church, ha thank the hermana that does that, tell her its the only letter letters I ever get and Im very greatful haha:)

It is so amazing to invite others to come unto christ, and to see the power of the word of God. Greatful for our family and this great plan that makes it possible for us to be eternal. Love you guys:)

tell you more about the 18 mas adelante ;)

elder carter

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