Monday, September 30, 2013


Hey so first talking of the dentist so I waited, and it was worth it:) the dentist I got was a reference that was really good and only cost $56 mil (112 US) so a lot a lot better, So i think I am good with money, I have used a bit to buy some recuerdos but not to  much so I think im good,

haha speaking of doctor stuff we have been having to travel to the doctor a coup`le times my comp is in the process of recieving a vaccine for rabies haha I know I shouldnt laugh but it was just random, a dog bit him when we were knocking on doors, the doctors said most likely he doesnt have rabies but the mission wanted us to go anyways just in case, which is funny cause my last comp got bit by a dog as well but Im pretty lucky and the dogs dont like biting me.

This week has been awesome. We had a super long first two days of the week but the end we found  3 families and one person that could progress immensely and recieved a  reference of another family that wants to be taught. God is truly answering our prayers, it has been pure sun as well which has been nice, its funny though here cause when it rains you want sun and when theres sun you want rain cause the sun here KILLS your skin, im pretty sunburnt but nice to be sumburnt havent had that feeling for awhile.

 Ah how cool with joshs parents, Id like to know how that turns out, hows brother combs doing randomly pòpped in my head? blake is super tan haha hed laugh if he saw me, theres not usually much sun so im whiter then ever. you could call me elder snowflake.

 This week we finally had an investigator at church!!!! and its the lady that lives right next to the  family that is a member. She stayed for all hours and loved it, oh man how happy I was after all our work this transfer to see an investigator at church, makes you feel good after working hard to see someone excited at church.

Also I AM SO STOKED FOR CONFERENCE THIS WEEKEND!!!!!  its going to be amazing, we are really really going to try to pump up all others as well for the super bowl of revelation. haha im sure you can feel the excitement as you read these words.

  I was thinking for some things if i were to get a package would be some good church socks, mine are starting to get holes maybe like 4 or 5 also a picture of christ (the one that is all of the bishops offices) and any others that you guys like. and....yeah i cant think of anything else for now but Ill let you know, oh maybe burts bees chapstick like just  2 sticks.

For my studies I think one thing that called my attention was when christ was talking to nicdomeous in juan 3, I love the scripture where he says if you dont  understand worldly things how are you going to understand spiritual things. I applied it to us as members, a lot of times we tend to forget that our convenio bautismal is to take upon the name of christ. I learned something new from the scripture in that God wants us to live the gospel and be disciples of him at all times, now that doesnt mean knocking doors in our neighborhood telling them to repent but being good people, developing good traits and understanding that with the atonement of christ we can became better people in all aspects of live. I admire that about you mom and dad, you guys always have this desire to become better people. And as we show God that we understand earthly things (referring to our daily life) like cleaning the house, doing service, managing money wisely, etc we are showing the lord we can manage the great mysteries and blessings he has in store for people that take upon his name. For me that would be striving to be 100% obedient, waking up on time, doing my exercises, cleaning the dishes, taking out the trash. Its cool how being mormon or in other words a disciple of christ helps us become better people every day in all aspects of our life. Thats one of the great benefits of being a mormon, knowing that through the atonement, and the teachings we recieve we can become more and more like our heavenly father.
Thanks for the photos looks exciting!!! i feel like that would be way cool to go to sea world with carter cause its a dream come true for a kids his age. tell everyone I said hi, love you all, keep praying and reading your scriptures ;) haha chao (im embarrassed ive been spelling that wrong my whole mission) i spelt it chow ( super gringo) that sounds like a type of asian chicken.

Elder Carter

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