Monday, September 23, 2013

HEY HEY! (Lot's of Photos from 17 de Septiembre)

Hey family!
So this week was way awesome. We had some great progress in the work, as well as an opportunity to really get to know and enjoy the culture of chile.
So this week was the indepence day of chile the fiestas patrias. We had 3 days off, we did so much, we ate pork barbecue by the stick, and much much more. The first day of the holidays we visited a family that invited us to have that bbq, soooooo much meat! before the meat we ate some empanadas and mote con huesillo (that picture with the dried peaches with wheat in a cup of liquid stuff) sooo good (ill cook that at home forsure). Also we played a lot of chilean folklore games. One of which is something called a trompo, its like a top or spinner but better. It is kinda hard to make it spin but im getting better ha i bought one for $2 and im addicted so every pday im going to practice. But yeah SOOO MUCH FOOD!!! we had dessert it was a cake and alfajores which are cookies with manjar (dulce de leche) super good, I was worried we werent going to have an oppurtunity to share a scripture (as missionaries we had to really take advantage of this time to share even if it was small) I had a chance when I left I shared a small scripture in 3 nefi 14 and thanked them for the family standards they have and how they showed us that we as disciples of christ can have fun on a day where... well where the rest are not going to remember what happened the next day.
We also went to another house of members for another asado that night,,,, haha we were soooooo full that night, the next day it was the huge activity at the ward. Sooo much carne again, we got to play a chilean game called tejo which is kinda like bachi ball in a sense where they have a box filled with dirt on the ground and a string tied going a across and you try to throw metal cylinders closest to the string, the had a competition and me and my partner in the game (a priest of the church named esteban) won!!! ha i had some nice bragging rights the rest of the day. Also watched tons of people perform, dance the cueca and do other cultures, it was super cool, I had heard a ton of the culture songs before and it was super cool because I knew the words and really enjoyed the show, ha the culture is rubbing onto me. but yep and the next day we still couldnt leave to knock our proselite but we had another awesome meal. Ha soooo much food though it was forsure an awesome experience.

In other news we found an awesome family this week and are excited to see their progress. Also other cool story, (still not used to wards they are so huge) but luckily I always salute everyone I see and turns out I talked to one of the hermanos for awhile at the activity and 3 days later we passed by an hermanas house trying to see if we could teach her family knowing the fmailys dad isnt a member, he showed up and looked realyl familiar, turns out it was the hermano I talked to at the acitivity and i had no idea, it was a great way to gain his confidence and we were able to bring the spirit when we taught.

Also going to get my tooth fixed, ha sadly still havent done that because of all the cambios i couldnt do it then so i have an appointment tomorrow.

But yep ended up being a great week, only thing after 3 days of no work is you really really are stoked to get back to work after. And the day after we had that great chance to get back to work and we had a great fin de semana de trabajo. ive really been noticing all the small miracles god gives us every day and am so greatful, Its amazing how much we can learn on the mission. Im really really enjoying the book of mormon like never before and its amazing how the spirit constantly testifies to us as we read.

But yeah basically eso por la semana. if I could think of anything I need is a flea collar for my birthday but im going to try to find that here so you dont need to spend money sending a package

Thanks for all your letters here are a ton of pictures of the week,

Elder Carter


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