Monday, August 26, 2013

Awesome last couple weeks, going to paines today!!!

Hey family! So this week has been a great one thats for sure. We ended this cambio finding a some amazing people, we have fecha with 2 people for the beginning of this month. And the other district has a family as well, its amazing and feels great to see the fruits of our labors. I have been here in natales for 6 months and when I got here there was 25 attending and this last week was 41 and this sunday was 43!!! We were so stoked. It was filled as well with people that can be assisting constantly. It was such a spiritual meeting.

I recieved a call that I would be leaving here in natales. Pres. Called while we were visiting a member and told me im going back to Puerto Mont! In a ward (never been in a ward)!!!! named libertad. It is the biggest ward on the mission. Should be a complete change in culture. But I will be finishing the second part of the training for my new comp. Im excited to give it all I got and see what the lord wants me to do in this ward. ha Welcome back to a ton of rain:) But me and elder bate (also leaving to punta arenas) gave our testimonies at the end of the reunion and I got pretty emotional, we had 6 investigators there in total and it was awesome too see all who made it. The spirit was strong and I testified of how greatful I am for the restored gospel and how I was blessed to serve in this branch. My family is extended for sure hasta the most south of the world, ha.

But thats the mission ha, love this sector but its time for a new missionary to come and love it as well. Its amazing to see what God can do for us when we give him our love and desire back. It was hard not to cry as I was up on the stand cause I everyone had tears in there eyes from the meetin and us both leaving. It is so cool to come so close to the members and get them excited about the mission work. Ha they are having a noche de hogar today so we can say goodbye to everyone, that should be fun.

We have been teaching some amazing people and i have been learning some awesoe things.
God is always preparing people, this one girl we have with fecha is only 15 but she has some friends from punta arenas that are mormon, we taught her yesterday and she asked us immediately, so what do I need to do to get baptized? haha, she also told us she already read all  the testimonies at the beginning and 1 nefi, also memorized 9 of the 13 articulos de fe. she has a awesome family and when we were teaching her I was sure of it that they were listening, Ill be excited to here how this branch is in the near future.

But hey other good news is we are heading to Torres de Paine national park again today! a member from argentina (rio turbio) a little pueble 45 min away from natales, said he would take us, we are leaving at 8 im stoked! I hope its clear skies it has been really nice lately ill for sure send you photos!!!! but hey dont have too much time but Im super greatful for you guys! the thing that stands out the most to the people is when we talk about families, and I dont have a hard time talking about ours, Im blessed to have you guys as a family. I feel peace and the spirit the most as a testify that our family can be together forever.

It has been an awesome cambio, thanks for all your correos! love you!!!

Elder Carter

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