Monday, October 7, 2013

Awesome Week!

So it was a pretty sweet week! First we had interviews with president which went well, then conference. Oh man it goes way to fast on the mission, each session felt like 20 min. Looks like you guys really enjoyed it, I envy you guys to have DVR I would so use that to pause and write revelation that comes as you watch, I was lucky and got to watch the conference in english at the stake center, it was my first time watching where it hadnt froze or cut out (the 2 other times I watched in puerto natales and los muermos (in branches far away on computer) which the signals werent to good, but this stake center has a satelite like at home and was amazing:), I learned so much from this conference, it was crazy how much they emphasized the work and how its really being sped up. Cool stuff huh. But ill talk more about that later on in my letter.

We have come to cambios again (transfers) and my comp has ended his training, I have been called again to be a trainer, I will be training an elder fresh out of New Mexico, It was funny because when president called me I thought he said Mexico and I thought oh cool Ill learn some mexican spanish but then he corrected me and said "new" and that changed everything haha well from what I know when I hear new mexico I just think of uncle jeff and his family and they are pretty gringo but maybe theyll have some spanish like kyle haha so more than likely he wont speak anything just like the last 2 ive trained. ha should be a great experience, I am so excited to learn more and more every day, one cool thing about training is they have this spirit of the mtc and so much faith and even beyond that language barrier you see so much miracles take place.

My comp right now wont be going to far either haha he is going to be in the sector right next to mine, still in the ward and he will be living in the same house as me, so that will be interesting but cool to see him continue to progress he will be with a elder from peru that has already been living with us.

Today we had a bbq with the zone and played volleyball it was pretty fun, I splurged and bought some dried banana chips, SOOO GOOD. but I got so fried today haha i forgot sunscreen which isnt smart cause the ozone layer doesnt exist here.

So im glad you all enjoyed the conference, I kinda wanted to share some thoughts I had with a couple,
Primero I really really liked that of Elder Bednar on tithing, more and more time on the mission im gaining an interest in business and I loved how he referred to DyC 119 and 120, how the church handles the finances, I think its incredible like he said how our church so big in all the world can have a counsel that makes the decisions of tithing so small, It is truly evidence that our church is guided by God.
Another is that of Uchtdorf when he talked about why people leave the church, I loved when he said "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith" I love how he said that doubts are natural and so essencial for us to continue growing. I also loved how he commented on when people call someone a hipocrite of our church and how he said, IF we were to define hypocrite it is someone that does not perfectly complete with what the believe, if thats so arent we all hypocrites? I also loved how he said how we as people arent perfect, if we were perfect we wouldnt need a church, and that God is perfect and his doctrine is pure, thanks to that we can continue on in his church. I think our invitation to all is if these desires that we have to become like God are yours (mosiah 18) then what keeps you from entering this way to eternal life.

Also one that really touched me and actually made me emotional is that of president monson when he talked about home teaching, I immediately remembered the amazing example of you dad, of all the people we have had a privelage to go to (^sometimes you dragging me) One experience I think I was so greatful for was that of us visiting the Kings. I cant tell you how greatful I am dad for being a good home teacher, I had the experience to be impacted by those 2 amazing people, when brother king past away at his funeral sis King as she walked into the chapel she reached her arm out to me and I walked with her, I dont think I would have ever have felt so much charity for anyone if I would not had been faithful to our hometeaching, So thanks so much for being a great dad and hometeaching companion, We had some amazing memories of being companions and still I hear of your great desire to continue passing and really creating great connections with those that god chose for you to pass by.

Looks like you guys had a great time at the pumpkin patch! haha carter is so big. Love you guys a ton, we have really been working hard and know with hard work, patience, and faith God will start giving us investigators here in this sector. love you a ton:)

P.S. Grandma when I can I will love to come and take care of the yard ;) haha how did the garage sale go mom and grandma? I remember we would always play airsoft down there haha, I think my college clothes are down there right?

Elder Carter

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  1. Good to hear from Zack! What a great missionary you are and becoming! Love,
    Shelly and Scott Carter! Your in our prayers! With all the missionaries!