Monday, August 19, 2013

oye oye! awesome week

Hey family!!!!

But yeah ha here in natales it has been kinda bipolar the weather, this morning it was snowing like crazy and now there is sun with clear skies hah never experienced something like this. Thanks for the photos of taylor and everyone, ha excited for the video when I get home sounds great.
ha with the subject of anything I need I honestly cant think of anything I need, its all good.

Im seeing a lot of progression with my comp, he is talking a lot more now in the lessons. More then anything being a shyer kid before the mission has made it hard Id imagine to speak in a foreign language. haha it was super hard for me to talk at the beginning, more then anything the humbling part of saying something wrong. but super cool to see growth in someone training is a great lesson of patience but so many great memories and things i have learned

ha funny story me and the other 3 missionaries here made up a game called animals where you choose animal signs, its like the game signs, where in a circle you make your sign and then the others to pass it to the other. But last night our lights went out so we decided to play with animal noises instead, so we were just screaming animal noises haha oh man it was great. Im sure our mamita thinks white people are super weird

But this has been a great week here in puerto natales, it is awesome to see that our sectores are really coming to life. It is amazing what God can do for us, I am truly humbled that this is his work and we are just his tools. We have had the highest attendence at church since of the whole time I have been here in natales this sunday...42! with people that will be assisting regularly. We usually have 27-30. This week we had 2 more menos activos that came to the church due to an assignment program, It has been 2 menos activos that did not really want anything with the church but after applying the program I saw their conversion in their faces at church, both really want to strive to come to church now. We have scheduled to have a noche de hogar with them together. Also the family whose son died came to church and we have a noche do hogar with them and other members today. Also we have really been trying to focus on getting members active in the mission work and one member did something of his own free will that touched me, we found a connection with one of our investigator families with a member, we called the member once while at the house of the investigator to get a connection and talked about having a noche de hogar with them together. the member called me today and told me he posted a picture of a mormon message of sons and daughters on his facebook (because this investigators wife just had a baby) also he has been calling elder bate and elder soto arranging citas with his investigators. Also we have been finding more investigators as we apply what we are asked. I am loving the unity of our district, it had been an amazing week.

Thats awesome about the eagles scout ceremony. Tell Riley and his family I said hi, haha Ive had a lot of great times with riley, tell him we are going to  play a nice game of 21 and a weird movie when we get back. is he going to byu still? also tell Jimmy, Jeff and the rest I said hi! Thats awesome jimmys back that wouldve been cool for you guys to say hi.
oh and we are just 4 elders in our district ha cause we are 3 hrs away from everyone else. Well love you guys a ton, take care this week!

Elder Carter

that flag is the flag of this region

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