Monday, June 3, 2013

New assignment with this Cambio!

Hey family! so this week was a great week, this weekend we found out the cambios. I was reading in my patriarchal blessing that I read from time to time and was reading about the part in my mission, one sentence said that the president was going to give you assignments he knows he can trust you in, what was pretty funny was right after I read that our phone rang and it was president rappleye, he first talked with Elder Barrientos telling him he would be going to a sector at the very top of the mission to become a district leader, and I thought dang thats awesome thats sweet for him, but then he asked to talk to me after and talked to me telling me I had a new assignment to be training a new missionary. It was a quick call and I just said thanks and that I wouldnt let him down haha I was pretty nervous after that call thinking of what that assignment demands. But I know that the lord calls us to positions to help us grow and to progress and more then anything to help the work go forth.
But yeah Im going to be training an Elder from Utah, im not sure what part but he is a gringo so more then likely doesnt know spanish, so I will continue to learn spanish as I teach another spanish haha. But I cant really explain how I feel right now, its a lot to think about but im excited, It was nice to clear my mind and have a time to think as we had our fast this sunday and to relax.

But yeah didnt really think of that happening cause we are far and idk it didnt cross my mind but I am excited to see what the lord has in store for these next 2 cambios (Training is a 2 cambio program 12 weeks) I know the lord will help me if I just have faith and work hard, I still have a lot of things to work on but the lord calls us when we dont feel completely ready, to help us grow.

But sounds like this week was really awesome, thats super cool that you all had the chance to go to the temple for her anniversary! and Happy BDAY KRISTY!!! love you! iphone haha so hip and up to date.

This week with the work we had some great breakthroughs with our investigatores, one family that we had we had plans to challenge them to baptism but I changed my mind as well as my comp we just didnt feel they were ready to be challenged again but then something came in my head and I invited them to take a tour without anyone else in the chapel this week, they agreed and that was huge news, they do not want to go to a church and have a negative thoughts and agreed to go this time. I was super stoked and I knew the spirit was working with them, they are also reading the scriptures frequently, we just need to have faith and patience.

haha one thing funny is one of the recent converts has a kid and he just learned how to pray and whenever he hears Jesus Christ, he says Amen, so during testimony meeting after every time someone said jesus christ he said Amen really loud, haha it was ireverent but I couldnt help but laugh.
I am stoked for the borden building as well! and take a picture of your 360 camera what does it look like! sounds exciting.

But yeah got a lot of work ahead of me, thanks for all your prayers they truly help I know without a doubt they help. It sure will be a humbling spiritual experience, God gives us challenges to grow and im excited to show and give all I possibly can to make the work of the lord go forth.
Even if there is opposition and people say that you cant do it, God makes giants among men.

Pray for all of you always and Im so greatful for our family, thanks for your love and support,

Elder Carter

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