Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

Hey Family!
So this week was a crazy one, really learned a ton and surely continue to be humbled. Left to Punta Arenas to pick up Elder Linford my new companion from Treemonten, Utah. We left tuesday night and then the plane came in the next day in the night. He is a tall skinny blonde kid thats 18 years old so he blends right in with the people with chile ;) But I was pretty nervous but now its starting to really hit me the reality of training, kids come here and dont talk any spanish and know nothing and you have to teach them everything, while being a missionary in your sector (planning, teaching, studying for investigatores, and getting things to happen in your sector) I can tell you right now that its pretty overwhelming and humbling, its the truth what it says in ether that god shows us our weaknesses to humble us so that we continue to have faith in him and know we cant do anything without him, and thats the truth, Ive had a lot of great times this week where I realized I just cant do this without the lord, But I am trying to stay happy and positive always and be a good example for my companion as well as for all the people around me.
some of the things that we have gotten to do is he got to give one of our investigatores the first part of the blessing of health, I told him that even though he cant talk very much he can still use the priesthood and it still has a great power. Also after looking for a hard day we were able to find an awesome family to teach and the spirit was way strong that night, Im seeing that this growth will only bring the spirit and joy more in my mission and life.

Ha but I love you guys a ton and im finding evey oppurtunity to be happy, thanks so much for you letters, ha one thing funny was our first house we entered was a very evangelical house and he bagan to pray out loud and I thought it was a great intro to the mission haha I told him im sure you havent seen something like that in treemonten. It is going to be a great experience, love you guys a ton, excited to grow!
ha sounds like everyone is great excited for the baby news!

Elder Carter

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