Monday, April 1, 2013

Hola como estan mis amores... haha (family and friends) (photos)

hey hey
looks like you had a good easter! poor carter only had teddy grahams...haha thanks for the photos (instagram no? how hip you all are... This week was sweet, Easter in spanish is called La Pascua, and they celebrate the semana santa (holy week) the last week of the lords life here on the earth. Thought that was interesting, but yeah for easter we had the oppurtunity to do some sweet mission work in celebration;) ha but was a good day, for church I was asked to teach the priesthood class of the restoration, it went pretty well ha its funny cause I was trying to find a awesome way to teach it and then I realized the atonement is one of the main lessons we teach people every day, but I always like to be creative and have different ways to learn and teach it.
Also the primary had some nice candy bags and we got some of that so we were stoked haha, but yeah good day alfonso recieved the aaronic priesthood so that was cool. Also had found an awesome lady and her kids and we were going to pick them up to go to church but her son had been sick and has a fever now so that was too bad.

So at the beginning of this week ( miercoles) we went to punta arenas (3 hours away) for our interviews. We bought tickets to ride in a bus with 2 stories so that was fun because we were in the very front of the 2nd story so we got a sweet view of the road and sea and stuff. But interviews are always sweet, also got to go to zona franca where there are a lot of stores that import goods from other countries for cheap. but yeah cool stuff, it was a nice 6hr round trip haha.

ha I liked your idea with the whisks, we didnt do anything for tradition, some people do things like that but its rare and when they do its influence from gringo tradition ha they laugh at our traditions cause they have nothing to do with anything. But hey coloring eggs are sweet.

For our family night of the ward we watched como hallar fe en jesus cristo. and then after we played a game that was pretty funny called pobrecito mi gatitito (poor little kitty) where one person acts like a cat and tries to make the people sitting in the circle laugh, haha so great a game, unless you have to be the little kitty, I had to be it a lot because watching your 70 year old president acting like a poor little kitty is hard to hold in.

We have been working really hard though, im starting to notice some spanish errors that im trying to shake off like saying "or"  en vez de "o" or saying um or como a lot. It isnt like english, people in english can say that and get away with it, but in spanish they get really confused when you say repeated words like como or um or ughh, like piano, if you practice something to many times wrong its hard to adjust, so luckily my comp helped me notice some things so I can talk more clearer.

It has been a lot of contacting this week, we are having a lot of days of 3-9:30pm straight contacting but we have awesome attitudes and are just making our contacts quality and just loving the people. We know the lord has people being prepared for us so we are happy and are going to just keep working.

The food here is a little different, well for us its amazing ha, our mamita cooks very well, pastas, pizza, soup (always before the meal, meat with rice or noodles, chicken nuggets, and other stuff. Its really good, our mamita is known throughout the mission ha we eat really well here (sometimes too well). she also made us pancakes with manjar and syrup 2 nights in a row friday and saturday so that was pretty sweet.

Thanks for all the recipes im excited to try to make them, hopefully I can find the ingredients, are there any others that dont take much ingredients, money is also hard to accomplish some of these haha.

hmm... but yeah all is well, glad you all had an awesome week, Christmas is coming up this week im soooooo stoked!!!! ha I mean general conference, but thats christmas for a missionary soooo excited. There is a sweet scripture that talks about when we listen to the prophets our faith is build and they can give us unshakeable testimonies so that is pretty sweet Im pretty sure its in Jacob 2:10 but I really dont know for sure, maybe just read all of jacob or something and youll find it. but yeah this conference will be in spanish which is cool, I like listening to their real voices better but its cool to watch it in spanish as well.

ha but yeah all is good! thanks for the pedigree stuff! thats interesting! what about moms side?
Les Amo mucho, que les valle muy bien!
Con CariƱo,
Elder Carter

here is some photos of puerto natales,
The statue is of a milodon, it is an extinct animal here in this region (patagonia) ha and Im preaching to it, but the milodon is super popular here its funny,
and the hand thing was a cool statue thing at the entrance of the city.

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