Monday, April 15, 2013


Hey there!
Ahh shoota que paso con su auto hermanito? ha that stinks hope all goes well with the repair blake, Im going to keep grandpa in my prayers hope all is well with him, tell him I said I love him tons. Also got the card mom thanks so much! The only problem I tried to take money out today, I tried twice and it didnt let me, so I didnt try a third, I tried taking out 45 mil then 40 which is (80$US) I dont know why its not working? maybe you can talk to the bank or something and ask whats going on and maybe let them know that Im here in chile as well maybe there is a money limit still? just dont want them to cancel the card again ha. Im trying to take it out of savings is that right? because there are 3 I can choose from, credit, savings, and checkings.
This week was a sweet week for the work, had the chance to teach lots of lessons and see some good progression with our investigators. We have also had some interesting lessons as well, Ill fill you in on both.
First it was our turn to think of the idea for the family night for the branch, I said I could think of something for the lesson and it turned out really cool. We started out with explaining the difference between the light of christ and the gift of the holy ghost. Then we did an activity. We put everyone in one room, and shut off all the lights of the capilla, and put 8 papers with the letters A to H, and split them into 3 groups, we gave each group a small flashlight and put some cloth over it so it could barely shine light. And told them this is their light of christ, that will help them to find the signs, what they need to do is to look for each sign and go in alphabetical order, until that last sign. Each group went one at a time, each having a little kid leading the group. The end was the room that has the baptismal font. After all were done we gathered together again and talked about how it went, they said it was hard because there wasnt much light and it took some time, then we talked about what happens when we have the gift of the spirit after baptism, and turned on all the lights and everything was clear. We explained that with the gift of the holy ghost we are promised to have clarity and the oppurtunity to have that light in our lives always. Then we shut off some lights slowly explaining that this light in our lives can dimmer or diminish if we cease to live the commandments, go to church, pray and los demas. It was an awesome way to teach them the difference. We also realy talked it up handing out little papers to remind them to come and had a great show up. our recent convert and his kids got to come and it was their first family night and they loved it, we are excited to let them know that they can do this every week with their kids.
Also we have been teaching a mother that has 3 kids, her partner she lives with is never at the house always gone the whole month then comes home for a couple days. We invited her at church and she came with her 3 kids! we were so stoked, all the branch was super nice, I sat next to her and her family. Her kids began to be superrr rowdy, especially her 1 and a half year old, I began to do all I could do to keep as much silence, the mom began to be super embarrassed having her kids be rowdy we told her not to worry and I said I was much worse when I was little. ha but her kid kept calling me papa and that was uncomfortable, I would just put my watch in front of her and try to get her to get that idea out of her head.
Some lessons that happened this week that were interesting was one with a blind old man, he was super angry, weve passed by before and when we asked how he was he just says "I cant see! how do you think things are going!!!" he let us teach him once but he didnt really want to listen, maybe down the line he will, there is an old man in our ward that always blesses the sacrament its pretty sweet, super happy old man too. Some people we teach sometimes just like asking questions about where we live and want to here english, haha but yeah
Other then that I cant really think of anything more, its getting colder everyday, ha I need to buy some gloves soon. I think it will snow next month, more then anything I heard it is just cold and a lot of Icy roads but everyone says something different. but yepp all is well just chillin in chile, ha loving the work of the lord
Chow chow,
Elder Carter

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