Monday, March 25, 2013

!Feliz Pascua! (With Photos)

This week was an awesome week!
The temperature is starting to get colder, the last couple days the wind has been freezing, ha unfortunately wed we didnt have any appointments and couldnt enter a house and the freezing wind at night was pretty fun hah, but right now its not to bad but definately showing signs of what it will be, people keep telling us it is going to be a fun winter, not sure how much snow but just freezing strong wind.
But yeah it has been really fun having another companionship here, its fun to all hang out after we are done planning at night and when we see each other. ha a lot of fun things

We had the baptism of our investigator Alfonso Saturday! and it was so so sweet! unfortunately not much members could show up (only 8) ha but he brought 20 of his friends and family and it was the coolest baptismal service ever. First of all the font is a real font that was cool! I took a picture of the mirror in the room because I was pretty stoked to have a legit font with a mirror and all. But dang such a cool experience, as they were changing we watched some mormon messages and some of his family began to cry, the spirit was super strong. unfortunately one had a lot of scratches but still it was moving, I think the funniest part of watching the mormon messages was the last one we planned on watching didnt work so I just chose another one and it ended up being of the twin towers disasters haha oh it was so bad, about the gospel helping him but as well as patriosm, the video ended with a nice american flag, ha im sure the chileanos were just like "the gringo would put on american propoganda" ha but at the end was the coolest part, all of his family and friends arent members but his dad is an inactive. And we asked alfonso to bare his testimony and he bore a powerful testimony to his family of how he came to know the truth and the baptism and how he knew it was the best example he could make for his family. Then we invited his dad to bare testimony who was inactive and he bore testimony of how great and proud he was of his son for making this decision and that it is the right decision and bore testimony of the truth of the gospel. But was so cool, after the members without us noticing started to give tours of the capilla of his friends and family but dang haha soooo sweet. we will have the oppurtunity to share more with them.

For church I was asked to teach the sunday school class and with all these things I was hoping something easy, ha and sure enough I open the manual and it was "recogimiento de Israel" o sea gathering of israel. ha it had some fun terms and dates I had to remember, but I learned so much from planning that lesson, about the importance of being hole. Especially being so far away from the prophet and apostles I gained a strong testimony of the revelation given to the prophets that the gospel will go forth in all of the worlds and in stakes Israel shall be gathered. But it was a hard topic at first to talk about but as I begin teaching I really gained a testimony of the gift of tongues that I could teach and testify that the church is one and that the church is the same here in chile as in the states, and it is our job to share and bring the rest to the truth.

But yep some cool things that have happened this week, mamita made us pancakes in the night one of these nights I was pretty stoked, havent had syrup nor pancakes for a lot of time

Oh one thing I wanted to ask is if you could send me some recipes. We wanted to make some sweet desserts for alfonso and his family for some family nights, we want to teach them what a family night is, but have some cool family nights with them,
if you have some ideas let me know!
but specifically recipes for
scotch a roos
different types of cookies
no bake cookies
banana bread

Oh also! I was thinking about this and I was wondering if you could send me a pedigree chart of our family history? my comp asked when our familyjoined the church and I had no idea, it would be cool to know more about that,

But yep love you all so much, I have had so much awesome experiences, ha most of my dreams are of the mission, such as not being able to find a member to come with us to a leccion or something ha its pretty sad. What I have learned most is the importance to stay happy and positive and work hard, its amazing what a positive attitude can do in a day when all your doing is contacts in cold freezing wind. Ha loving every moment.

these pictures are of me and my mamita
the view of our backyard cant see very well but thats the sea with mtns/islands in the back pretty sweet
baptism of alfonso
cuico baptismal font

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