Monday, April 29, 2013


Hey Hey! So this week was really awesome. Im really loving the work and the mission. Thanks for the photos of the funeral, still hasnt really sunk in dont have time to think about other things during the week until email time, glad it went well and the family all got to be there and remember how great our grandpa was. Looks like it went really well, tell grandma I love her tons. For this week some sweet things happened... The new elder of the other companionship is new, fresh of the mission and doesnt understand a thing, it was the first time on the mission where I saw my progression with my spanish, always with spanish you are looking at the things you dont know and need to work on and never really look back and say to yourself whoa I have learned a lot, it was a chance to look back and remember that I was in the same position 6 months ago. And that helped me remember how real it is that God is helping us learn the language and that with patience, humility, diligence and a lot of other stuff you can learn a language. The trick now is to remember I still have a lot a lot to still learn and to never be satisfied with the language, Ive got a ways to go forsure. But the new elder is a chill guy from utah that has a desire. We started this week reading the scriptures to one of the members in our ward, he is a old blind man, the other companiorismo was reading to him before but they cant know because he is in training, so we do it now, it is pretty sweet, Also started a English Class last week and we are slowly having more and more people coming, ha its all moms that have little kids so they can get good grades on their tests, they are super excited about this class because they have no idea about english and the class is free, its funny cause the moms are wayyy more excited about the english then their kids, we are excited because we are going to start teaching one of the moms and her kid and tutor her after in english es super buena a ella. Also for the ward noche de hogar (family night) this week it was a Fiesta de Disfraces (costumes), it was super sweet for the animo of the branch. My companion dressed as Moises and a I dressed up as a Guaso (chilean cowboy), they had a voting for the best costume at the end and I won I was pretty stoked, it was probably because they asked me to attempt the cueca which is the countries dance and a gringo dancing the cueca is pretty mind blowing ha. Ha but no it was a great week of the work, kinda slow of work but its just the show your faith time. We had some sweet lessons this week though, one of which was with Hernan y Fani and her kids wanted to listen again!!! we prepared a sweet lesson about desires and explained what our desire is for our lives, and then talked about gods desire for us (Moises 1:39) and then talked about how if our desires are according to Gods (to have the vida eterna and a family of happiness forever) he will help us accomplish them but we need to follow the 3 Ds (deseo, decision, determinacion) Desire, decision, and determination. And we talked about how they have a desire, now they need to make the decision by setting goals and adjusting their lifestyle so they can complete with their decision and then continue diligently with hope and faith. At the end we invited them to church but they said no, we arent sure why they dont like the church but we are going to find a way to get them motivated. This upcoming week we are going to teach them how to make banana bread, they said they were going to buy all the ingredients and we were thinking maybe we could give them all the ingredients and then arrive with the last ingredient, and as we are making we are going to tell them ohhh no we forgot the last ingredient and then we can give it to them and relate that to finding an answer to the book of mormon, if they pray and read the book of mormon it will help them find an answer but if they dont go to church (doing all they can do to find the answer, its not going to come out completeley perfect and clear if they dont do all the ways to find the answer) like the banana bread tiene que tener toda de las cosas. But working hard right now Im reading a lot in the new testament with the book of mormon and its sweet to see how the organization and teachings are the same and its so much easier to understand, The new testament is where the life of christ is at and then to hear the powerful testimony of King benjamin and others in the book of mormon strengthens that testimony, then if you want to get even crazier with testimony buliding you can read some discursos of the apostles testimonies of Christ from conference. Other than that great week, its starting to get colder and colder, more then anything the wind kills because we are surrounded by mountains and they are starting to have snow and the wind is ice cold, more then anything in the night though its starting to frost. But yeah love you guys, say hi to all my friends I need to write people but knowing it takes 2 months to get there and 2 months to get back here at the least doesnt get me to inspired ha but ill try to have more ganas to right people. but through email I say hey to whoever read this haha could just be my mom and dad;) ohhh yeah! reminder! for mothers day we will be skypeing again and that is coming up in a couple weeks and we will be skypeing 12 of May! so put that in your calendars and look up the time difference I forgot, Que esten bien esta semana! Elder Carter one photo is of almuerzo with an ugly lama sweater and the other is me and my comp Elder Barrientos and our disfraces

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