Monday, April 8, 2013

Hey! (April 8, 2013)

Hey family!
Sounds like you had a sweet week. It was an awesome week especially because of conference, ahhh sooo sweet its the best thing ever. Better then Jamba Juice and a California Burrito at the beach haha whoa right... yep that much , we had the chance to watch all sessions in english in the secretaries room of the capilla, so that was pretty nice, ha its fun to hear english.

Kristy and Dalan I was trying to get inspired for names for the baby...and thought I got some good ones after long meditation....hope you like the latin flavor of the names
Natalina (a  women born in natales)

Ahh yeah if those names dont float your boat Ill try again this week,
favorite talks had to be the prophet with obedience, and holland, and l tom parry he got pretty intense ha

but yeah has been a pretty sweet week, its started to get cold! more then anything the wind is what kills, ha and its not even winter yet, they are saying it starts out freezing rain then changes to snow in about a month or 2? not sure, but I think I will know why they have a brand named after this region. One thing I really want to do after this mission is travel to all these islands down here that extend past this port, I heard they are super beautiful.

But for the work it was an awesome week of growing spiritually, We have had some pretty rough days full of pure contacting and not much lessons, but we had anaylzed what we could do to share the gospel in as many ways as possible and are doing other things. One of which I felt prompted to fast at the beginning of this week and the day I was fasting its was tough every person was super mean we contacted, actually one man tried to attack me haha he was old and a little cranky and he wanted nothing, so I tried to say oh...well have a good day, and I shouldve just said nothing cause he took it sarcastically and came rushing at us, luckily he stopped at his gate, but it was just so interesting how there was a lot of stuff to bring down animo but we just stayed positive. Its fun to say in words "the trial of your faith brings miracles" but to be part of that "trial" is a lot less fun and discouraging then it sounds. What I learned so much on the mission is we will all have trials and think we are prepared for them but we will be hit blindsided at times with so much emotion and heartache. The fact that we arent prepared for them doesnt mean we dont have the way out, I can testify that our savior jesus christ is the way out and if we put our faith in him and his atonement every trial that we experience in our lives we can get out of, the talk of Elder Holland hit me deeply when you talked about the power of faith in times of trial, saying that What we know will always trump what we do not know, and what we know Always is that our lord jesus christ is the way to peace, growth, and eternal happiness.
The day after that fast we remembered one of the more responsive investigatores we had, we knocked on his door several times and couldnt reach him, finally he told us to enter, and he was very interested to ask questions and at first tried to catch us off guard and get us stuttoring, he had a lot of thoughts and strong feelings for his family and you could tell he was just skeptical of all the religions and the confusion in the world, awesome guy that had a great humor as well, after getting to know him he asked a question about why bad things happen and why people suffer, I had an awesome oppurtunity to realistically relate the great plan of salvation to his question and testify to him that if we can understand this plan all questions of the soul will be answered. He realized we werent there to be burdensome nor tell him what he was doing wrong, nor there to just tell our message so he would get baptized, He realized this plan had actually touched our lives and he agreed to learn more. But with the experiences we have on the mission are tough sometimes but siempre the experiences like that outweigh the hard times, usually not in number but in the quality.

But I gained a lot from this conference and loved it a ton, ha so much stuff to gain from, excited to print them out and study more.
haha loved that story of Brad and tell Fred that is super sweet, that is crazy I didnt know about that! he willll have to send me some pictures! haha now that brads part of the cougar vip dog tag club he can probally get us eternal passes to the games;) bummer they lost

ha mom to answer your question my clothes are holding up ive had to sew a couple pants with some nice rips, and one of my shirts ripped from barbed wire but other then that all is good,
thanks for the recetas kristy ill have to try them,

idk if any of you have heard of mate? Its superr popular here everyone drinks it for every meal

But yeah sweet week, take care this week, tell grandma and grandpa I said hi,

see ya later,
Elder Carter

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