Monday, May 6, 2013

another magical letter by Elder Carter

Hey family!
Happy Birthday Mom and Dad! hope it was a great one! This week was good, getting a lot colder thats for sure. Not sure when it will hit the cold cold because everyone says this is nothing still. There was a lot of snow in the mountains near us so that made the wind freezing.
I’m excited to see you guys Sunday!...we got permission to call you this week to make sure everything is good, but yeah try adding that hopefully it works and 5pm my time is perfect, are you sure with the time for you guys? because we just had a time change one hour im sure its fine though.
But yeah all is good, just working hard, enjoying the mission. We planned another sweet noche de hogar, we called it Quien quiere ser misionero (who wants to be a missionary) and it was kindve like who wants to be a millionaire. But the questions were based off of the folletos we give out and had them study. It was fun, The kids of Alfonso (our recent convert) came and loved it, one finally realized she can get baptized and the other asked us for a book of mormon so we gave him one with our testimonies in it. Super cool family im stoked for them.
We also taught another family and made banana bread with them and cookies from the states thanks for the recipes mom, was really good, they loved it, also taught them about faith and what it truly means. We hope they can come to church, We are really doing great with mapping our before our lessons what our investigatores really need and when we do that the lessons and the spirit is a lot stronger.
haha oh had to get my hair cut today at a salon and it was a lady and that was weird someone being able to touch your head that was a women. haha my comp laughed because I looked a little nervous during my hair cut, haha life of a missionary...
but yeah hmm dont have much more to tell you right now, just working hard, had a couple interesting lessons, and some awesome lessons as well, one old man right when we sat to teach him ran into his room and pulled out a poem he wrote about country life and the food they eat, and read us the whole thing, it had nice rythmn and put his heart in it so that was good just a little long and random.... haha gotta love the world and all the types of people.
But yeah just think of some things we can talk about and come with questions! excited to see you guys always fun,
Thought I sure a spiritual thought for fun,
One thing I was thinking about the other day when I had the oppurtunity to teach the atonement again for the gospel principles class in church was how cool it is that the plan of God is intended for us to grow everyday, I remember the first time I had to teach the atonement on the mission was hard and difficult to apply and everytime I need to teach and relate it to someone in a lesson it gets clearer and clearer and I find better ways or different ways to explain things, One thing that we can all remember is that the lord wants us to suceed and to progress and become like him and as imperfect as we are, if we accept his will and live his teachings, when we want to improve our lives or an attribute or skill we can do it, because that is what his merciful plan is all about.
But YEPPP good stuff good stuff gotta love his plan for us. Im here cause I know he wants all of his kids to come to a knowledge of this great plan and to recieve all the blessings that he has.
But sweett....
stoked to see you guys, Sunday 5pm my time... bring some nice beautiful sonrisas haha
Elder Carter

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