Monday, March 4, 2013

Hola!!!!! (Photos)

Hey Family!
So this week was a good one. Finally had the oppurtunity to talk with our investigator who is a part member family, (daniela) and she had her interview this week and she is going to be baptized this saturday. YESS! so stoked. She only has 9 years but she knows so much about the church and really wants to get baptized. Her aunt is really catolica and didnt want her to get baptized and tried to talk her out of it, but after teaching her and with the help of her mom and sister she is getting baptized, and that will complete that family. I am really excited for that though.
I have been sick for the second half of the week, but continued to work, nothing big, I think I just have been really tired lately and my immune is down but Im feeling a lot better. The sun has been pretty strong the last few days and that kills when you already have a headache. But all is well.
Had a fun excperience we asked this old man if he needed help cutting his field of tall grass. And he accepted, to cut it he gave us that tool that the grim reaper has, haha it was pretty fun to use, hard work with that thing but once I got the hang of it I was chopping that grass like a champ. ha with a tie and all I started sweating pretty bad, probably grossed out the next couple people I contacted cause my face was covered in sweat. Probably think gringos are so weird.
We have really been working hard. Its crazy to think that I might only have one more week left here in los muermos, still I can stay, but I find out this week.
I have really really learned patience this cambio as well as learned some good spanish and am continuing to study and work hard. The mission is such a sweet time to develop good traits. trials and all,
I also had the oppurtunity today to go to a place called saltos de petrohue, with my zone and another zone as well as president rappleye and hna rappleye. It was so beautiful I posted a couple photos of it. It was sweet because there were rapids and waterfalls as well as Volcan Osorno and huge green mtns in the background. Was way fun. It is pretty sweet to serve in such a beautiful place.
That rock climbing looks really fun dad, we should rock climb here in southern chile someday ha
mom hahah that play set is so funny. it has a classy modern touch to it. ha my nephews and nieces are going to be lucky and spoiled. haha fun stuff, carter is way animated now thats crazy!
I have really realized there is always things to be positive about on the mission and have been looking at all of those things especially during harder days.
One cool thing I got to do this week is give a blessing of comfort to our mamita, it was my first blessing of comfort and it was a cool experience. Also since our president wasnt here this week once again we had to do all the fun work for the rama ha. I had to prepare the sunday school lesson for our rama this week it was a fun experience ha, taught about the keys of the priestood and the duties and where did each come from and all that good stuff. It is fulfilling to be able to teach a class and get them excited and all in spanish. But went well, haha hopefully ohyeah also came across a weird beatle huge bug thing so caught it and brought it to our house, ill put a picture of that as well
Overall learning a lot and working hard, even when its hard I love it.
Take care this week!
Mucho CariƱo,
Elder Carter

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