Monday, March 11, 2013

HEY HEY! Going to Punta Arenas! (Photos)

Hey hey! so this week was crazy loco, first of all I got my cambio and I am going to the zone of Punta Arenas!!! It is the furthest most zone in the mission and is beautiful and freezing cold haha, you have to take a plane to get down there and I fly wednesday Im pretty stoked! The sector I am in is called Puerto Natales and when I arrive in punta arenas it is a 3hr bus drive or so from the city. It is another city and I heard it is pretty big, my companion is from honduras but I forgot his name they just told me on the phone so I will tell you more about the sector in all next pday but crazy stuff, I wont have district meetings because it is to far to travel to punta arenas I think we travel like 1 time every cambio to punta arenas. But I will be entering while it is winter so I will have snow im guessing but I heard it is so cold wind snow and all, ha so I need to buy gloves and a scarf. But I am excited to get to know this sector people say it is really beautiful.
Also Had the baptism of Daniela saturday!!!! It went really well, ha we had to plan all of it from the program to cleaning the font again to calling the members, ha wish we could have your planning skills mom that would be so cool to have that many people assist the service, ha not much assisted but the spirit was really strong.
Also had to do the audit for the branch that was long and intense, ha did you have to do that for the ward dad? oh its pretty lengthy and a lot of papers. Once again why I like order a ton.
Im glad hno Goodman had the chance to reach you mom! I had a question of what I need to put when it asks me would I like to take out from the (savings, checking, or credit) what one is it?
One thing I really really want to have is order, like with tons of leaders and people to have callings, ha I love order so much.
Also our branch president asked if I could give a talk even though I gave the last 2, ha so gave my third talk in the last 4 weeks.
But went well, Ive been having a lot of dreams in spanish its pretty funny, it really helped having a latino companion, ha totally need to learn soooo much more so I am excited to have another companion latino. I think my next house we will have 4 missionaries I am not completely sure.
This weeked has been nuts and I am glad all the stress is almost gone, there is a weight limit for my bags I can only bring one with me on the plane and the other they ship over land and I can get it in a week to a month, I bought a small carry on bag so I can fit more on the plane because that is free. It is crazy saying goodbye to everyone here in Los muermos gonna miss my first place. the investigatores take it pretty hard, ha the members are used to it though, but some wrote in my memory book thing and wrote really nice things, feels good to be missed ha.
oh Dad! I know Johnny D haha I played against him before, thats nuts how he is doing good in college. Did he grow? He was a high scorer in high school good 3 point shooter.
Tell Trevor I said hey!
Excited for the ctr ring mom that will be sweet ha Carter sounds like quiete the character.
Ha and thats nuts with the call of Christian! haha he is going to do great there in Africa tell him to pet a giraffe for me. Ill try to find a penguin down there in punta arenas.

Love you all so much,
Elder Carter

I put 3 photos
one is of danny fernando and maitay the kids of our president, it is crazy I got to see maitay grow immensely ha awesome kids, and the other is of our bautismal font and the other is with me and daniela (girl that got baptized) PF

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