Monday, March 18, 2013

Hola buenas tardes! como estan!!!!!?

Hey Hey!!!!
So here in Puerto Natales its so beautiful!
We are on the higher part of the gradual hill of the city and have a view from our window of the sea with all the snow topped mtns,
fortunately the weather is nice right now, it doesnt get cold nor snow until later in junio but its gradually getting colder. We have sun right now though and its nice. ha crazy how far south I am, I looked at a map its nuts!
For our house set up its pretty sweet. We live in the house of the mamita but its like an extension of the back and is nice. There is 4 missionaries in total including me who live there. Its so much fun living with another companionship hah a little crazy sometimes with showering and all but overall really fun. My companions name is elder barrientos and he is an awesome elder. ha he knows the island we went to, I told him it was my dream beach. But we get a long great he is super chill and hard working and funny and im going to learn a lot from him. It is a branch here like los muermos and we have about the same assistance about 30, the branch is awesome we have some great members and its a lot of fun. The city is split in two we are in the 2nd sector. What is soooo great about our house is for lunch we just have to walk down the hall to eat in the same house. As well as the capilla is right next door to our house. Yes we have a capilla capilla! its super nice ha I love it so much it was cool to have a church church. The president is our papito (husband of our mamita). They are an older couple and are sooo awesome and funny. She washes our clothes and is always willing to help us (like she sewed one of my white shirts that ripped when I walked past a barbed wire also she is going to teach me how to sew better haha) and our president (papito) is an awesome president. He doesnt have counselors so we help him with some things. It was cool that I was familiar with MLS so I could help him with tithing.
So overall it has been a good welcoming. I also know the other missionaries Elder Vasquez from Salvador, and Elder Renshaw from Iowa, I knew elder Vasquez when I started and he is our district leader ha he is super funny we get along great and also elder renshaw is super funny as well.

For some cool things that are going down already here is there is a prison here and we go every week to teach a member and another cell mate that are there doing some time, they are really nice, was a little scared as we walked in past the security and all the locks and doors into a room but once we started teaching it was sweet, they are really receptive and humbled and have a desire to change. But we teach them every saturday morning.
Also we have a family night with all the rama every thursday, that was a lot of fun as well, we played a game at the end and I lost so I had to dance like a chicken in front of everyone haha great first impression for the branch to watch a gringo do a terrible chicken dance. Awesome branch.
Also we have a baptism next week! He is super inteligent, he is part of the PDI or FBI basically, awesome guy its weird to come to a sector and immediately have a baptism. Excited to work hard here and teach some more people. Everything here is heated with gas so that has been a sweet luxury, ohhh it is so nice haha.

But overal has been an awesome week, this sector is a lot bigger then los muermos so I have really been focussing on memorizing the streets and all the people in the branch. A lot of memorizing and all its a lot to take in but with time.

Awesome beautiful place here we are going to try to go to Torres de Paine soon and some other sweet places close to our sector, ha there are so many tourists and gringos here visiting (gringos means people from europe and americans here) but yeah pretty sweet place. But excited to work, here is a a photo of me and my companion eating at a restaurant here.

Also ha thats funny how he had an accent, im not sure if im getting an accent, haha I went into the dentist alone today though without my comp, it was like going into the doctor without your mom for the first time, haha it was cool to be able to explain what happened and all to do that. dental terms are hard ha

But hey things sound great there back home! Crazy how kristy is about to how a baby! awesome hearing from you grandma! hope all is well! also hope work is good blake! Love you mom and dad! sounds like everything is going great!

All is good!  take care! Ill take some photos of my sector next week!
Con CariƱo
Elder Carter

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