Monday, February 4, 2013

Hey Family!

Wow what a week! Ha I dont know where to start this has really been such a mentally physically and emotionally tearing down week but a great one as well. Right now me and my companion are much better. I have already learned the importance of patience and acceptance. Love reading all your letters and things going on ha that frosty looked great dad. And hope grandpa feels better! Ill pray for him. Also tell bro keel he is in my prayers that was sad to hear. First things first WOW my testimony of trials and the Love of Christ has skyrocketed on the mission, I cant explain in words how greatful I am for my savior, this week once again was one of the hardest on the mission so far, me and my comp are different thoughts and outlooks and he can be very hard headed sometimes, just with a lot of things that give added stress. But I have really already come across some things, first is for my fast this week I really focussed on becoming patient and being able to make our companioship work. And like you said kristy some times our answers dont come in the way we want them too. We werent getting along to great after church and then I recieved a call that we would be staying together for this cambio. I began to get overwhelmed just tons of things going through my mind wanting to have peace and then I told my comp I needed to go to the room to break my fast, as I was praying I became really emotional and really got a sense that I just needed to talk it out with my comp, as we talked things out it after a good while and a little argueing it finall became good and the rest of the day we worked hard and were happy, I know that my fast helped me to fix the problem and get more guidance on what to do, but you could definately say that dalan, I have definately felt really really sad and just with the question why is it sooo dang hard right now, this is ridiculous, but every time I get over that bump I look back and see how much I have already grown, still going through a hard time but learning so much, and what it really means to love a trial and hard times, and how to walk away from them, What I realized is how powerful an effect thoughts have on your attitude. I have really tried to make my thoughts better, for example not looking for the things that my comp does bad, or that bug me, because that just brings frustration and contention, I have really looked for the good things and just have patience. That has really helped, for the majority we have been working a lot better together even with a couple falls, I am starting to really really appreciate the love of Christ and his atonement. We have really been able to find a lot of great people to teach and in the beginning of marzo we have 2 baptisms of our investigators. Also It is amazing how much having a spanish comp helps. Every day 24/7 we are talking spanish so its some nice practice. I have been really able to talk with people and function a lot better as a missionary. Step by step. My head has never hurt sooo bad in my life before (always feel like its going to explode) but hey Im learning and talking better. Overall I think it also comes to over thinking things, I really just need to enter this week with less things on my mind and relax, while working hard. Ha oh yeah you may be suprised with this but waking up a 7 every day is not a problem, ha one thing brad corbet said to us, to be completely obedient and promis that you would has really stuck with me, and now Im that annoying elder that turns on the light right at 7 and down on the grown at my knees ready to have a our comp prayer, not the old sleep til 11 every day in summer zack haha. but Im happy cause I know im learning a ton and growing, and doing my best to make this companioship the best possible. ha oh yeah, got to see elder gardner last week he had to go the doctor with me and that was way cool, it was weird how excited i was to go to the doctor and get liquid nitrogen sprayed on my warts again haha great to see him and he gave me great advice. But as for now working it up in los muermos and still doing my best to enjoy the hard times. ha miss you guys a ton really do. one thing that is kinda funny now is now that I know more spanish I can understand what people to say to us on the streets now, ha sometimes I wish I cant understand them pretty mean stuff ha. but yeah working hard here, crazy how you can feel like you have talked to everyone in this small town but when you continue to work there are always people to find. Kristy I think its a Boy! and thanks for the superbowl update and all of that good stuff haha that frosty sounds so good. but you guys are always in my prayers and I just gotta remember to be patient, grow, and to remember everything will be ok, just gotta take a chill pill a veces, les amo mucho, y estoy tan agredecidos por uds.

Love you so much, give bo and lusk a nice hug for me,
Elder Carter

For every trial we can learn something and grow

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