Monday, January 28, 2013

Lots of changes! hey hey hey

Wow lots of changes in the mission for me this week, Elder Gardner was emergency transferred some other place in the mission to be a district leader (2 weeks before the end of the cambio) he had a day to pack and say goodbye to everyone. I cant lie I got emotional when he left after working really well together for almost 4 months here. But I know thats the mission, changes, changes, changes. So Wed I got a new companion, his name is Elder Davila and he is from Guatemala. He only speaks spanish so that was the first change. I also am know directing our sector and having to teach him all the streets, pobleciones, investigators, miembros, and also our obligations with being counselors, as well as having to plan solo until he knows the sector more. It has been the hardest week of my whole mission. He is a very great elder and has a desire to work (he has been out a year now) but he just has a very strong personalty and everything has to be exactly his way, he also told me he has had problems with temper, already we have had to talk a couple times to work things out. I can communicate with him and all but it is very hard to express yourself and how you feel, and how you feel yor companionship needs to improve, not being able to really communicate very well in that aspect often makes you feel very lonely. I was reading my patriarcal blessing and talked about a lot of thngs about the mission about how the mission president will give me assignments he knows I can handle, also it says how I need to stay strong in times where its hard, it also talks about how I will help my companions become better. I then kinda broke down in tears in our planning last night and just told him im just sad and its hard to communicate, we talked it out for a while, then he asked if I wanted to talk to the Zone leader, because he is gringo so I can talk in English how I feel. He honestly told me so many things that would really help me make this cambio one of the best of my mission. He talked to me about the importance of talking to your companion how you feel and when things arent good handle them with patience and love. He also told me other things that I can do to help a ton. I know that this cambio will be such a great lesson in humility and patience. I will truly be practicing my christlike attributes and find the best in my companion and work together so we can find people to teach. I was reading in my notes in General Conference of october in a talk about the trial of our faith, I think it was Anderson, but he said giving up in    the trial of our faith is like leaving the storm shelter in the middle of a terrible storm. I just want you to know that I love this gospel so much and I love our family to death, I have never had such a desire to pray to our heavenly father for guidance and a desire to endure even in times of hardship. I cant tell you how greatful I am for your love and for your support, right now its hard right now for me Im not going to lie. But I didnt sacrifice 2 years of my life for nothing, Im here to endure through it all and do as Christ would do, and grow from these experiences. Our lives we are slowly growing more and more step by step just now the stretch of growth is a lttle more rapid. But I will continue to do my best to make this companionship the best it can be, and really apply charity and do all I can do to love him. I know we can have a ton of success this cambio and that I can grow immensely in many aspects.
For a story this week, we taught this one guy that had that had that smoking hole in his throat so he talked with his throat it was really strange because I have already seen so much weird stuff it didnt phase me, the one thing that was gross was you could smell and feel his breath on you from the throat whole, it was also very hard to understand him, he was basically a spanish mime almost. Lip reading in spanish is not an easy thing. But I just want you to know I love you and I am so greatful to be here on the mission wouldnt want to be anywhere else. Love you so much and I pray for you everyday. Pray for me for patience and humilty. youll have to show me that mexican shop to get some of tat soup blake ha we eat a lot of casuela here its just soup with a chicken leg or other peace of meat. not sure if thats how you spell it. Also emponadas looks those up, I call them chilean hotpockets, basicalyl thats what it is haha Ha raqeutball sounds great dad, did you guys enjoy it, we would always play me landon and blake up in college WAY FUN, ha hope you get better mom and the food I am used to now, dont ever have hunger at night now its nice. Ha kinda forgot what a meal where we would sit down for dinner was like. hope all is well. Right now we are going to go play soccer with the zone so that will be fun to play with other missionaries, I have really been doing a lot of relax breathing things and doing those workouts for stress.I am trying to find a balance of my stress, There is a lot of things to get stressed about here on the mission, it is a good to care but at the same time there is a point where you gotta relax and know you are doing all you can do. that health contest sounds fun dad better let me know how that goes, really really really love all of you and I will continue to work hard and enjoy every min as well.
Take care this week,
Elder Carter

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